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A.P.B. settings sheet
Assault Joystick Repair; Single Joystick Hack; Stereo Speakers Hookup
Assault Playfield Viewer; Assault Homeworld
Assault Plus Multi-game [to come]
Asteroids Technical Encyclopedia; Cocktail Asteroids
Asteroids patch to operate in an Asteroids Deluxe cabinet
Asteroids - another fairly involved restoration from Arch
Asteroids Code Project from Guddler's Domain ; Asteroids code differences
Asteroids Deluxe State Machine PROM @ C8
Asteroids Deluxe Color modification; Screen shots and PCB pictures; Color Mod Schematic
Asteroids Deluxe patch to operate in an Asteroids cabinet
Atari Audio Reg Datapage [to come]
Atari In-House confidential documents
Atari Service Bulletins
Atari Production Numbers - Vector ; Raster ; Additional Page 1 ; Page 2 ; Page 3
Atari Signature Analysis with a CAT Box
Battlezone Single EPROM Enhancement; Version 2 ROMs; Combined ROM
Battlezone scope to non-scope conversion
Battlezone to Red Baron PCB conversion; Battlezone Signature Analysis
Black Widow - Extreme Restoration by Archer Maclean (best in the world?)
Centipede / Millipede Swap; Centipede Self Test proceedure
Centipede "Bullseye Darts" modification
Centipede 'Dux' ROM hack; Centipede Sync PROM
Crystal Castles proms; Crystal Castles to JAMMA
Distributor Price List 1987; 1993
David Shepperd comments; more comments
Ed Logg interview; comments on the Bradley Trainer
Escape From The Planet of the Robot Monsters to JAMMA conversion
Firefox Technical Page
Gauntlet Hacker's Webpage
Gravitar Reproduction CPOs
I, Robot Technical Page
Klax Lesson 1; Klax Lesson 2; Klax Lesson 3
Lunar Lander to Asteroids Hack
Major Havoc marquee reproduction; conversion marquee
Major Havoc PCB and conversion data
720 to Major Havoc conversion
Millipede 'Dux' ROM hack
Missile Command Sync Prom; Double EPROM hack; EPROM jumper settings
Missile Command prototype image (spies mirror); Missile Command to Crystal Castles conversion
POKEY datasheet; Emulator v0.62; LPT POKEY LPT Interface
Quantum Reproduction CPOs; Quantum Cocktail
Space Duel -> Gravitar Hack; Space Duel w/ Factory Amplifone
Super Missile Attack
System 2 Control Pinouts
Tempest Pincushion Disable (AKA Tempest with an Amplifone)
Tempest Code Project; Tempest Gameplay Secrets
Vector Program Data Archive
Vector Dream v2.3 Emulator

Vector Gate Array in a CPLD
Xevious Plus!; Xevious Emulation and Information; Xevious Levels
Xevious Alternate ROMs

8080 B&W games
Squawk & Talk technical page
Discs of Tron Light Sequencing; Speech; Schematics (1.8 MB); Manual (3.0 MB)
Galaga Rapid Fire ROM Hack
Gallag to Galaga hack
Galaxian Hacks; Test ROM
Gorf & Wizard of Wor Complete Memory Diagnostics (by Mark Spaeth)
MCR Pinouts
MCR2 Multigame
Omega Race power supply capacitor replacements; 'Delta Race' program images
Ms. Pac-Man Fruit Randomness; Ultimate Strategy
Break a Million at PAC-MAN (with color patterns)
PAC-Man countertop Prototype; split-screen ROM fix
PAC-Man to Pengo Hack
PAC-Man artwork (2.2 MB)
PAC-Man to JAMMA adapters
PAC-Man repair guide
Pac-Man cocktail restoration by Archer Maclean
Space Invaders Test ROM ; RAM Chart
Space Invaders to JAMMA conversion ; Sound Board details
Tron joystick insert artwork
Tron - sound in attract mode
Two Tigers

Cinematronics and Vectorbeam Program Data Archive
Boxing Bugs Source Code
Demon gameplay; Cabinet Images
QB-3 information; hi-res flyer; Screen Caps & Schematics
Solar Quest manual (10.2 MB pdf); Solar Quest monitor conversion
War of the Worlds History; marquee reproduction; NOS Conversion Kit
CCPU 2732 ROM upgrade
Exorcisor Schematic; Layout; Cables (courtesy of David Fish)
Exorcisor image
Rip Off reproduction sideart
Tailgunner ROM replacement ; Joystick installation & wiring
Hovercraft [to come? David? Cough, cough?]
Rock-Ola vector game development [to come? David? Cough, cough?]
Cinematronics Color Converter PCB Schematics; Layout; Parts List (courtesy of David Fish)

Entertainment Sciences
A Warehouse Find
Turbo Sub

Top Gunner ROMs; Screen Shots and PCB images
Vertigo Manual & Schematics

On-Target Newsletters
Gottlieb Videogame Technical Page
Q*bert's Qubes reproduction artwork

Bomberman to Dynablaster conversion

Midway Games
Hard Drive boot device archive
Mortal Kombat FAQ (v5.0); Mortal Kombat Plot

Settings & Wiring Diagram
Parts List
Game images
Tugboat ROMs

NAMCO Custom Part Number summary
System 1 patched ROMs
System 2 to Cosmo Gang Conversion
Point Blank hack with regular happ guns
Ms. Pac / Galaga Reunion 'trick'

Playchoice 10 conversion hacks
Nintendo Video Inversion

Nutting Associates
Computer Space restoration by Archer Maclean

Sega/Gremlin Vector Program Data Archive; Vector Simulation pictures and data
Battle Star marquee
Frogger Test ROM
Sega Vector multigame Speech Hack
STV Motherboard Dual Bios Hack
Sega Model 2 and 3 pinout
Turbo CPU replacement hack
Virtua Fighter 2 to Sega Rally conversion

Mad Crasher [to come?]
Marvin's Maze [to come?]
Vanguard II [to come?]

Arkanoid Level Editor
Pirate Pete ROMs
Polaris 27128 ROM hack; combined Polaris rom
Space Invaders single EPROM hack; 2716 upgrade; Upright/cocktail conversion
The Taitians
Switching Power Supply MOD

Tong Electronic

Mouser PCB Front & PCB Back
Mouser pinouts
Nova 2001 PCB Front & PCB Back
Nova 2001 pinouts
Penguin-Kun Wars pinouts

Blaster cockpit pictures; Blaster 30-level protoype ROMs
Bubbles Prototype ROMs
High Score patches
Mayday!! pinouts; Mayday manual (Defender bootleg)
Mike Ranger's Williams Repair Log; Dave Langley's Williams Repair Log
Multigame (Nick Sayer version)
Robotron joystick dimensions
Robotron Halt Circuit (how to pause your Williams game)
Robotron protoype cabaret pictures; More Pictures of Prototype #1
Williams Video Decoder PROM hack
Williams to JAMMA
Williams Graphics Dumper
Williams - Miscellaneous 'stuff'
Sinistar prototype ROMs
Smash T.V. Pleasuredome revision
Splat! ROMs (modified to work with Special Chip 1's)
Trog muligame hack

California Extreme 2003
California Extreme 2002 (sadly, I did not attend)
California Extreme 2001
California Extreme 2000
Arcade Test Benches (yours could be here!)
Mesquite Superauction October 7, 2000
Mesquite Superauction December 9, 2000
Mesquite Superauction February 3, 2001
Mesquite Superauction April 21, 2001
Mesquite Superauction June 16, 2001
Mesquite Superauction August 25, 2001
Mesquite Superauction October 13, 2001
Mesquite Superauction December 8, 2001
Mesquite Superauction January 26, 2002
Mesquite Superauction March 9, 2002
Mesquite Superauction May 4, 2002
Mesquite Superauction June 29, 2002
Mesquite Superauction August 10, 2002
Mesquite Superauction November 30, 2002
Mesquite Superauction January 11, 2003
Mesquite Superauction March 15, 2003
Mesquite Superauction May 17, 2003
Mesquite Superauction August 16, 2003
end of line for auction pictures.
Archer Maclean Restoration and Artwork Reproductions (does this guy sleep?)
Callan Hendricks' place (January of 2004)

Tiny Compile Examples; Donkey Kong Tiny Compile
DOS Compile; 0.36 Final Compile; Win32 Compile
Keyboard and spinner hacks
Discrete Sound Implementation
Optical sensor for Coin Switch
Rotary Interface Project for the DIY types

Arcade Pinouts
Arcade Board Numbers
Bank Switching ROMs for a multigame
Bezel construction
Capacitor FAQ
CRC Checksum Calculator
Datasheet Search
Fingerboard FAQ
Japanese to English ROM archive
How to Use an Oscilliscope
LED resistor calculator
Maxim Reset Circuit
MD5 Windows GUI
Mouse to Trackball conversion
Non-Video ROM archive
Paper Arcade
Resistor Color Codes (windows executable)
Star-V by Kasco
The Electronic Big Bang article - December 1982
Trackball to Joystick conversion
Wire wrapping - How to Guide
Working with 9316 Masked PROMs
2114A SRAM info
Valve Bias Calculator by Webber; Bias Spreadsheet

Cap Kit list; Cap Kit Cross-Reference list
CRT Cross Reference Chart
Suitable computer monitors for an arcade test bench
Tube Rejuvination [ thanks to Tom Gomer ]
B&K CRT Tester / Rejuvinator setup
B&K Precision setup document
Tube Swapping
Sencore Big Mack/Super Mack Adapters Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
Bench Mate 400 Monitor Exorcisor

Electrohome G07 pinout
Wells-Gardner 19K4600 pinout

Amplifone Color Vector Monitor FAQ (v1.2)
Amplifone High Voltage Transformer Design document
Black & White Vector Monitor FAQ (v1.1)
Wells-Gardner 19V2000 HTML manual
G05/V2000 Transistor cross reference (v1.2)
Cinematronics Vector Monitor FAQ (v1.0) (If You want to rewrite my beta document, let me know!)
Electrohome G08 Color Vector Monitor FAQ (v1.1)
Electrohome G08-105 Operating Manual & Schematics (7.9 MB pdf)
Electrohome G08-105 technical specifications
Electrohome G17 vector monitor technical specifications
Wells-Gardner 6100 Color Vector Monitor FAQ (v1.1)
Star Wars 25" Amplifone Tube Replacement
Wells-Gardner 6401 color monitor pictures

Parts Cross Reference Material
Component Markings
Giant Internet IC Masturbator
Linear Cross Reference
Memory Cross Reference
RCA Transistor Cross Reference
Semiconductor Cross Reference
Static RAM chart; More SRAM
Transistor Database
Uniwatt transistor Cross Reference Chart
Uniwatt transistor substitutes

Test Equipment
Bug Hound 2220 instruction manual
CatBox Checksum Mod
Kurz-Kasch instruction manual (3.8 MB)
Kurz-Kasch TF-650 instruction manual
Midway Universal Tester - Test ROM Programming Guide
Octopus Curve Tester
Using an Oscilloscope
Signature Analysis [ to come ]
Univid 1000
Wico X-Y Pattern Generator technical sheet & ROM images
Wico X-Y Pattern Generator Schematics & Component List
Wico Raster Pattern Generator technical sheet & Schematics
Wico Pattern Generator advertisement from 1982


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