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These are the "Ramblings" of Bob Roberts and may not necessarily be the popular consensus, but rather things that have always worked for me, along with some "How to's" and ideas I have picked up on over my 40 years of fixin' coin-op stuff. My intentions are to make this as basic as possible, so that newbies can grasp the concepts readily.

I know there is a ton of info lurking up here already, and hopefully this will not be a duplication, but rather a further help to the newbie or the full fledged collector/tech. No techie stuff! Use info at your own risk, although I am still kicking...I might just be lucky :)

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A Chicken Little Story
Problems With A/R Bds In Atari Games
Acronyms & Abbreviations
Commonly used acronyms & abreviations
Atari's Big Blue
Symptoms Of A Bad Filter In Atari Games
JAMMA Pinout For BloodStorm By Strata
Bridge Rectifiers
Identifying Types Of Bridges & Polarities
Cam Locks
Which Locks Are Needed & Installation
Cheap Audio Amplifier
How to make a cheap audio amp for adaptors
Coin Mechs
Help With Replacing Coin Mechs
Crimp Mystery
Proper Crimpers & How To Use Them
DC Pac Harness To Jamma
Using an adaptor to test Jamma bds in Pac cab
Defender Rom Board
Help With The Williams Defender Rom Board
Which Way To Install Diodes
Donkey Kong
One Way To Use A Newer Switching Power Supply
Eprom Programming
Using A Programmer & Programming Voltages
Fluorescent Lighting
Testing Marquee Fluorescent Fixtures
Free Play
Rigging Your Game For Free Play
G07 Chassis Repair
Guide To Repairing An Electrohome G07 Chassis
G07 Filter Capacitor
Replacing the G07 B+ Filter With A Modern Type Filter
G07 Model CAO
What Cap Kit To Use On The Older G07-CAO
G07 Shrunken Picture
What To Do After The Cap Kit Is Installed
G07 Sync Upgrade
Upgrade To Accept Newer Type Sync Input
G07 Vertically Challenged
Causes For Vertical Collapse
G07 Last Resort
You've done everything & still the chassis is dead
Get The Yoke
How To Fix Pic Mirror Image Or Upside Down
Good Cap - Bad Cap
Quick Testing Large Filter Capacitors
Ground Via Earth
What Is Earth Ground & How Is It Hooked Up
Great 1000Mile Rally
Hooking Up The Steering Wheel & Other Notes
Greyhound Poker Board
Pinout for Greyhound poker & trivia boards
Grounding Your Game Cab
Wire Size & How To Run Ground Loop
Gun Troubleshooting
Solutions For Lethal Enforcers Gun Problems
I Want To Build A Game
Guide To Assembling A Game's Components
Ice Cold Beer Fix
Replacing The Belts On Taito's Ice Cold Beer
Illuminating Pac Buttons
Installing & Lighting Translucent Start Buttons
Isolation Transformer
Stopping The Buzzing In An Isolation Transformer
JAMMA Harness
How To Install A JAMMA Harness
Solution For Adding Kick & Punch Extra Buttons
Joystick Notes
Solutions For Possible Joystick Malfunctioning
K7000 C36 Retrace Cap
How To Replace Older 4-Legged Critical Safety Caps
Konami 3 & 4 Players
Pinouts for Konami 3 & 4 player sub-harness
Lamp Sockets
Tips On Coin Door Lighting
Leaf Switch & Button
Solutions For Using Leaf Switch Buttons
Monitor ID Page
Pics Of Chassis' To Help Identify Your Monitor
Monitor Extension Cable
How To Troubleshoot Using Another Game Or Monitor
Monitor Orientation
How to distinguish between vertical & horizontal monitor problems
Ms Pac Speed Up
Installation Of Speed Up Or Slow Eprom
Ms Pac-Man Wiring
AC & DC wiring of a Ms Pac cabinet
Mud Red Jukebox
Quick link to the often asked about jukebox story
My Pac Is Drunk
Solutions For Weaving, Humming & Black Bars
My Notes
What's left of my old notes page
Pac Adaptors
How To Build A Pac Adaptor To JAMMA Adaptor to use a switcher with OEM Pac wiring harness
Pac-Man Sockets
Brown Intermediate Sockets For 5S & 6D
Pac-Man Switcher
Making An Adaptor To Power Pac With A Switcher
PCB Edge Repair
One Way To Cope With Bad Edge Pads/Fingers
Power Supply Tester
Using another game to test your power supply
Quick & Easy Video T-Shooter
An aid to help track down video problems.
Resistor Reader
Enter Color Bands For Resistor Value
SafeBack Discharger
Building A Pic Tube Discharger
Singing Monitor Trouble
Solution For A Whiny Monitor Flyback Transformer
Slanted Monitor Picture
K4600 Monitor Problems & Solutions
SPM To JAMMA Adaptor
Building A Super Pac-Man To JAMMA Adaptor
Sync Troubles
Various Ways Of Connecting The Monitor Sync
TB Test Fixture
How I test trackball units before shipping. Monitor collapse tips.
Test Fixtures
Building A Test Fixture or Test Jig
Trackball Units
A Look At TB Unit Changes Over The Years
Trackball Bearings
Trackball Bearing Maintenance
Trackball Illumination
Illuminating A Translucent Ball In A TB Unit
Trackball Troubles
Using The Trackball To Test Itself
Q & A's On Power Transformers
Tron Power Supply
Repairing The Midway 90412 Linear Power Supply
Using Radial Cap Replacements
Replacing axial lead caps with radial lead caps.
Using An Ohmmeter
Using An Analog Meter For Quick Test Results
Video T-Shooter
Building A Quick & Easy Video T-Shooter
What Wire Gauges
Wire Size Needed For Cab Wiring
Wico Command Control Trackball
Trackball Used With Home Games
Wico Trackball Revival
Bringing An Old Wico Trackball Back To Life
Width Coil Adjusting
Adjusting A Width Coil - What Not To Use
Williams Battery Conversion
Getting Rid Of The 3 AA Batteries
Williams Coin Door Lamps
Addresses Other Issues When Using A Switching Power Supply
Williams Decoder Help
Covers some decoder problems. Adding PS 5 volt adjust & changing sockets.
Williams Service Switch
Simplified wiring for bench jig service switch.

Bob's Map Aids

Amplifone Cap Map
Basic AC Wiring Map
G05-801 Cap Map
G07 Cap Map
WG K4600 Cap Map
WG K4900 Cap Map
WG K6100 Cap Map
WG K7000 Cap Map
MC-2000-S Cap Map
MTC-9000 Cap Map
Nintendo Audio Bd Cap Map
Pac-Man Bd Cap Map

Atari Trak Ball™ Maps
Cherry Switch Map
Control Panel Wiring Map
Defender PS Board Map
K7000 Flyback Footprint
Midway 90411 PS Board Map
Midway 90412 PS Board Map
Midway 90421 PS Board Map
MK Plus Map
Super Pac-Man>JAMMA PO Map
Stargate & Up PS Bd Map
SF 2 Plus Map
Street Fighter Plus Map
Williams Decoder Map
Williams Ram Layout Map
Wms Defender Rom Bd Layout Map
Wms Stargate Rom Bd Layout Map
Williams Sound Board Map

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