Greyhound Poker/Trivia Pinout Lately a lot of you have been requesting info on Greyhound gaming boards, so I guess interest in having a Poker or Trivia game in your collection has been increasing. Pinouts are often sought after, so I'll place them here for your convenience.

Greyhound Poker Pinout
Not used 1AStand Switch
Not used 2BCancel Switch
Not used 3CDeal Switch
Play Credit Lamp 4DDiscard 5 Switch
Discard 1 Lamp 5EDiscard 4 Switch
Discard 2 Lamp 6FDiscard 3 Switch
Discard 3 Lamp 7HDiscard 2 Switch
Stand Lamp 8JDiscard 1 Switch
Cancel Lamp 9KNot used
Deal Lamp 10LNot used
Discard 5 Lamp 11MNot used
Discard 4 Lamp 12NNot used
Lockout Coil 2 13PCoin Switch 1
Not used 14RCoin Switch 2
Token Motor 15SToken Switch
Not used 16TTotal Switch
Not used 17UKnockoff Switch
In Meter 18VNot used
Out Meter 19WTest
Token Meter 20XPlay Credit Switch
Lockout Coil 1 21YNot used
Ground 22ZGround
The Real Bob Roberts™

Main PCB Power Pinout

Molex Inline Connector
1+ 5 volts
5Token Switch
6Token Motor
8+ 5 volts
The Real Bob Roberts™

Main PCB Video Pinout

Molex Inline Connector
1Vertical Sync
2Horizontal Sync
4Green Video
5Blue Video
6Red Video
The Real Bob Roberts™

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