Troubleshooting Gun & Monitor

Troubleshooting Monitor & Gun

Here's a list of commonly found problems & there possible solutions compiled for Lethal Enforcers, but can be applicable to most gun games.

  • Erratic gun shot placement.

    -Check to see that there is no reflected light from fluorescent or neon lights bouncing off of the screen. Strong sunlight also affects the shot placement.

  • You cannot shoot a certain area in the screen.

    -Check to see the monitor's purity with red, blue, green, and white screen in the "COLOR CHECK" in the Manual Test. If you find purity problems, you should degauss the monitor.

    -Check to see there is no magnetic equipment around the cabinet. This may also cause the monitor to become magnetized .

    -After degaussing the monitor, you can check the gun and monitor in the "GUN CHECK" in the Manual Test.

  • Screen flashes when trigger is pulled but no shot is made.

    -Check to see the gun lens inside of the barrel is clean.

    -Adjust the monitor's brightness with 'color bar screen in the "COLOR CHECK" of the Manual Test.