G07 Notes
- A Couple G07 Notes -

The first thing is the mod to the G07 chassis that upgrades the sync circuit to handle the newer PCBs eliminating top curl in the pic. The way the instructions were written seem to be hard for some to follow, so I'm going to put my own notes on it as posted in RGVAC in 1998 here & hopefully they will be easier to follow. To make the upgrade do this:

Obviously, if there is an electrolytic already in the position for C303 & the cap at C501 looks like the C303 in the pic above, the upgrade has already been installed. The post-installation is pic'd below.

Next is the original G07 chassis G07-CAO and the installation of a cap kit. This uses the same cap kit as the G07-CBO with the following changes:

So you should have 4 spare capacitors from the kit to have on hand for the next project that is almost certain to need one of them... well, positively if you did not have them on hand... isn't that always the way it happens :-(

Thanks to Bryan Kruzynski for supplying a lot of info to work with here.