The Real Bob Roberts™ - PCBs Forsale

I get asked a lot why anyone would want these PCBs untested or missing parts if they don't know anything about repairing them & the answer is simple.... If you own the game or even have a working bd of the same title that you swap into a cab, many times just replacing one blown ROM from the parts bd will save you what you paid for the parts bd. Some custom parts may be well over a hundred dollars from the game mfr & having that spare may save your favorite game bd. Many an op's classic games were saved from conversion when they needed an expensive part that was not practical to buy from a distributor or game mfr & they had the parts bd in their warehouse. In fact, that is where a majority of these bds come from... the ops are using their parts bds as cash in this poor economy.

Updated 8/26/2022

Everything below on sale at, or below, scrap prices... as-is!

Greyhound Board Bundle - $90.00

Pro Wrestling - $5.00

Bench Power Supply - $5.00

Quarterback - $5.00

K4600 Reg Bd - $10.00

Happy Gaming... The Real Bob Roberts™ Happy Gaming...