W elcome to Multigame.Com!
Since 1996 I've been building and selling various upgrade kits, reproduction parts, and replacement electronic assemblies for arcade video games.  As some of you may or may not know, over the last five years I've been running a couple of my own companies as well as being one of the owners of Ground Kontrol in Portland, OR.

Over the last few years I've been involved with many commercial arcade game systems (the Midway, Golden Tee, and Konami systems from Big Electronic Games, the Ultimate Arcade 2 and Arcade Legends machines from Chicago Gaming Co., the Taito and SNK/NeoGeo machines from JazWares, etc.) and between consulting and our arcade my free time gets smaller and smaller each year.

I've been trying to support the old classic arcade designs through Multigame.com as best I can by batching things up into groups that are produced 2-3 times a year.  That makes for pretty long wait times though, so depending on when people ordered it was kinda luck of the draw if they got their stuff shipped in a timely manner or not.

Alas, tax season this year made the numbers pretty clear-- the gross income from multigame.com was contributing ~1.3% of my earnings for the year but was taking up every weekend I had (and then some). There's just not enough time to go around.

So, I'm afraid that my temporary solution of discontinuing my older kits is now a permanent one.  The MultiJAMMA will remain in production in its present form for a few more months and will be replaced with a new design thereafter which will be mass produced and sold through resellers (getting me out of the receive order/build units/test systems/ship product loop which is so time consuming). 

I'll continue to work through my "todo list" and ship all outstanding orders in the queue.  I'm working on the Williams Multigames and another batch of MultiJAMMAs at the moment.

Thanks for your patronage and support over the years-- I'm still available for hire for product development and engineering services (arcade related or not) through my "real job": Embedded Engineering, LLC.

I'll continue to document and update the website as events merit-- mostly just the "Hacks" and "Misc." sections to the left.

-Clay  5/29/2007

The MultiJAMMA!

Now you can easily switch between up to eight different JAMMA games in your JAMMA cabinet without having to disconnect cables and circuit boards. You just press a button and the next game appears on-screen!


2007, Clayton Cowgill


(website updated 5/29/2007)