Williams 4164 Ram Adatptor

Williams 4164 Ram Adaptor

by Bob Roberts

This is how the adaptor should look. Due to several laypersons postings online saying that wires were missing and that they had to cut into the connector & add wires, several have followed that with some bad results. These adaptors are correct & have worked for decades without any problems at all left in their original condition. They are flawless with their keyed self alignment. If you modify these in any way you risk cooking dozens of ICs. The adaptor should only be used when populated with 4164 rams & removed if you wish to use the original 4116 rams. The label that comes with the adaptor should be applied to the board to prevent any problems in the future.

The pic above is of my Stargate test jig with adaptor & for some reason I'm asked for the pinout every couple of weeks, so I'm going to label it on the pic. I looked at a pic sent to me this AM with a homemade WMs harness using an 8 position IL connector. This is a good way to get into trouble, especially if there is no polarizing key. The 12 volts can accidentally be applied to the 5 volt chip feed line.

Going away from the game board & a closer pic.

Not all lines carry through to the game board since this is the purpose of the adaptor... to eliminate the voltages that would fry the 4164 ram field. This is accomplished without any hacking to the board itself. Adaptor in place...4164 ram, no adaptor the needed voltages for the 4116 ram field is supplied.

Hence the importance of affixing the label to the game board! Even our test jig boards!

Happy Gaming...........

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