Uses For IC Test Clips

Uses For IC Test Clips

by Bob Roberts

These IC test clips come in handy for dozens of uses & I'm going to toss out a few of them along with some pics. The first use is as it's name depicts... an IC test clip as pic'd above left. Clipped onto an IC that you want to take measurements on it facilitates access with probes from meters, scopes, logic probes, pulsers or other equipment & helps prevent shorting in those tight locations that PCB mfrs love to come up with.

The pic above right shows how you can use wired .100 connectors as extensions for various uses. You can use these to your advantage since they slip on & off without damage to the IC test clip to suit your particular testing needs.

You can make up cables with larger connectors than you really need, so that you can use them on any of the IC test clips up to 40 positions by just letting any unused positions hang over the end. You only need ensure that both connectors start with the pin 1 position.

You can make permanent cables like this one which goes from a 40 pin dip header to a soldered in place 40 pin IC test clip. This was used in places such as the Z80 on a Pac bd that hides under a riser bd. After removing the Z80 & plugging in the dip header the test clip can be clipped to a Z80 on a dummy bd or even on a Ms Pac sat bd that has a cardboard backing on it.

This one goes from a 40 pin header such as found on WMs games out to a 40 pin IC test clip via .100 connectors.

Using a pair like above you can sub in a suspect IC from a dummy bd or I've had a few techs over the years that would drive me crazy by just letting the known good IC free hang from the clip. Using a dip header you can also extract information from soldered in eproms for your programmer.

Another way to use these is to mount an IC socket on a dummy bd as pic'd above. You can add a ZIF socket to top it off for quick & easy changing of ICs.

There are limitless ways you can use these as testing devices for specific jobs you need to accomplish. Throw in a handful of resistors & a handful of LEDs & you can have a visual of what is going on with an IC under test.

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