I, Robot Technical Help Page

I thought I would try to compile as much I, Robot technical information in one place for anyone that is trying to repair their machine. Much of this information I gleaned off of RGVAC archive postings and from personal experiences.

Special Thanks to Clay Cowgill, Duncan Brown, Ed Henciak, Tim Lindquist, Jess Askey and Jeff Anderson.

Manuals, Schematics and Datasheets
49-way joystick to Hall Effect hack
Texas Instruments Hall Effect Sensor data

PCB images
I, Robot artwork and miscellaneous images
RAMs; 4164 RAM cross reference data
ROM and PROM data [ readme file with checksums ]
Custom chip [ more data needed ]
Dip Switches
Edge connector (see power supply)
Front Glass dimensions
General Fault and fixes

Jeff Anderson's I, Robot page [ local link ]
Derek Litton's I, Robot page [ local link ]
John Manfreda's I, Robot emulator and VMRL data [ external link ]


last updated September 16, 2004