What's a web site without some links?

Tech stuff

Here are a few other sites that provide some damn good tech-type information.

Kevin Horton's Classic Gaming Tech Homepage
Kev tears his own stuff up to learn how it works, then freely shares whatever he's learned. Many times he's saved my bacon by letting me in on some arcane bit of knowledge. Damn smart, and a heckuva nice guy.
Bob Colbert's Web Page
Bob has a whole pile of software aimed at using the Supercharger as a development tool, as well as some some good hardware tricks.
The Giant Internet IC Masturbator
No, I did not make up that name. Pinouts and truth tables for more chips than you can shake a stick at. Download the whole thing onto your hard drive for quick and easy reference.
Game Station X
Lawrence Wright's collection of spiffy hacks.
The Hardware Book by Joakim Ögren
Hosted by GameSX. Looking for the pinout of some weirdo connector on some bizarre piece of equipment? Chances are you can find it here.

Game & Computer History

Sites inclined more toward historical information on home video games and computers.

Atari Gaming Headquarters
As the name suggests, the primary focus here is Atari game consoles and computers. Photos and information on lots of seldom-seen, and even never-seen, items. Also carries the latest news relevant to the classic game community.
The Machine Room
Information on a shitload of different home computers. Reading sometimes gets a bit repetitive, but that's somewhat unavoidable when covering this many systems.
The History of Home Video Games Homepage
Widely regarded as the best centralized resource for information on home video games, with FAQs, manuals, cart lists, and screenshots for a wide variety of systems. Now if only we could talk DrDemento into doing something about those obtuse frames.
tsr's NES Archive
tsr's often immitated, frequently ripped, and always irreverent site dedicated to that saucy little classic-wannabe system. Lots of manuals, game FAQ's, and walkthroughs.
The Ancient Atari Pal Division
Beautiful 2600-exclusive site from those nutty Netherlanders Deleto and Kid-EZ.


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Jay Tilton