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These lists are constantly updated, are are records of the PCBs I have that are tested and stored. I have other PCBs that are awaiting testing or repair, that are not listed here

A Complete list of all Sega 8 Bit games
My Sega 8 Bit PCB collection, and Repair Log Book

These PCBs listed here are not for sale. I may concider a "2 dead for 1 working" exchange on some boards, please ask!

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Click here for info my own Virtua Racing Twin, which I've now parted with - needed the space!
and here to see what has replaced it, a Sega Sky Target sit-down - which I've now sold too as I still need the space!!!

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Oddities - such as Atari and Sega logos and fonts

** Sega Model 1 - Star Wars Arcade PCB ** 

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