Old News & Stuff from 2001

Sep 30th : Gallag ( Galaga Bootleg )  Color correction

Details of how to replace 4 resistors on the board to correct the colors. Follow the link for details !   Gallag Color Correction - What to do

Sept 14th :

Aug 15th : MORE High Score Saves !!

Time for some more projects that have been hanging around for a while.  These ones come with full instructions + pics AND the source code if anyone feels like a read.

Donkey Kong - High Score Save

Donkey Kong Junior - High Score Save

Super PacMan - High Score Save 

Feb 12th : New High Score Saves + Enhancement

It seems to have been a while since I did any updates ! So here's one to start the new year off the right way.

FROGGER - High score save and initials enhancement
This is an update to an older project, I've simplified it a bit ( just requires a socket some RAM and a couple of wires ). The other really useful feature is it adds the ability to put your initials into the highscore table, this should appeal to the vain frogger nuts out there.

Pengo - High Score Save
Update to the game to save scores to NVRAM, full story + pics.
  There is also  the source code and ROM patch notes if anyone feels like a read.

So visit the high-score save pages here Save our High Scores !!

Old News & Stuff from 2000

Aug 5th 2000: New Arcade Projects

I've update the arcade page with two new projects, first one is a hack for a Mappy to Dig Dug 2 conversion, the second is for a Rolling Thunder to Skykid DX conversion

Apr 30th 2000: RGB to NTSC encoders are back !

The RGB to TV composite & s-video encoder page is back, as I now have some more for sale. Visit the page for details. 
RGB to NTSC encoder

Jan 11th 2000: 'Bootleg' PCB's page The Bootleg PCB's Page

Feb 15th 2000:  Unofficial release WARNING

Click here for details on 3 unofficial releases of my games.


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