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Welcome to the world headquarters of 'Charlie-the-cat'. This is the officially approved Charlie the cat homepages and would probably be visited by Charlie himself if he could get past attacking the computer mouse.


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Charlie 'The Cat' Rowan
Charlie the 'B'
Large, soppy ginger male cat
May 1986
Low, very low, daft-as-a-brush
Hates being picked-up  ( unless he jumps on you )
Can't catch birds, or rodents, to save his life.
Has a really loud purr.
A large male like this shouldn't get beaten up, but he does.
A very beaten up toy cat.
The greenhouse, in front of the fire, sitting on my father


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Charlie SupermodelCharles in the greenhouseUpstairs catYawn !!Supercat pose
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Charlie the B's Authorized Biography

Charlie was born in 1986 into a humble background, but through hardwork and careful grooming he had, by the tender age of 6 weeks,  already begun to form into the super-model of a cat he would one day grow to be. So when my sister saw him as a cute cuddly kitten she just couldn't resist his charms, or his legendary mind control powers... and so Charlie became a member of the family. Much to the dismay of my sisters other cat Queen Tuftie the fat.

From the earliest age he would display some of the character traits that would follow him for life, such as meowing A LOT !! Charlie did, and still does, enjoy a good chat, this involves following you around meowing his head off. It is believed that sometime he just likes a chat, other times he is complaining or he just likes the sound of his own voice.

One of his favorite activities is going 'outside', however he prefers someone else to go with him as he is a bit...... timid. To be honest going out during daylight hours is just not really his 'thing', for a start people can see him, and secondly, smaller yet more aggressive cats beat him up. To quote a vet, who tended him after he had an ear/paw/tail/whatever bitten, "this big and he gets beaten up !".

Charlie acquired his alias from some of his more annoying 'habits', from when he was living with my sister. One of his typical cat like peculiarities is going through phases of eating only one type of cat food made by one manufacturer, then without warning completely going off that flavor, though only after you've bought a dozen cans of that variety. He is always interested in whatever you are eating e.g. Pasta, Crisps ( Potato chips for US readers ), Chips ( French fries to US readers). He hates HP sauce, that a sort of brown spicy source if you're not familiar with the UK,  so if you put this on your food he loses interest.

A typical Charlie dining trait is company when he's eating, he does prefer someone to be around while he's having a snack. This can best be seen when he'll seek you out and give you the "FEED ME" meow, so you take him to the kitchen and give him some of today's choice cat food, if you leave at this point he will follow you, meowing of course, until you go back with him and keep him company while he snacks. Charlie is a very social cat.

Perhaps his favorite fast food is KFC, bring  home a bucket of this stuff and his little eyes light up ! While you're eating this he'll be your best friend in the world, at least until the chicken runs out.

After living in Hertfordshire for many years, Charlie decided a more comfortable home could be found in Bournemouth, and after long discussions with my sister, he decided to retire to this gentile community on the South West coast. His main activities in the Rowan household are sleeping, eating, wandering around the house meowing, attacking a furry toy cat ( in a very 'interesting' manner ), forgetting who I am then being terrified when I return to visit him, purring very loudly, keeping himself in really excellent condition and annoying my sister's cat Queen Tuftie( the fat ).

Charlies top 5 likes & dislikes

Dislikes Likes
  1. Car rides
  2. My nephews
  3. Not being fed
  4. Being stroked the 'wrong' way
  5. HP sauce
  1. KFC
  2. Anywhere Tuftie wants to sit
  3. Cuddles from my dad
  4. His special cat treats
  5. The sheepskin rug in front of the fire

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