Lawnmower Man's Toolshed

Pac Man infocollection of repair & modifications.  Very graphic intensive & large single page.

Board Batteries  describes games effected by corrosion of old batteries & some solutions.

Bug Trapdescription of a logic comparator & how it is used.

Checksums collection of ROM/EPROM checksums I've collected for reference purposes.

Connectors for video games, study of.

Flyers my collection of Video & Pinball flyers & trades.  (text list only)

Logic Probe FAQ how to use a Logic Probe to troubleshoot, using Pac-Man as example.

Midway B&W System covers Space Invaders & several other early Black & White games.

Things I'm Looking for...

Other Coin Op Video Arcade Game Info Sites


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Last Updated: May 6, 2003