Here you will find a collection of repair guides and other tidbits of valuable information gathered and created throughout the years by Mr. Ken Layton. Ken was highly regarded in the arcade collecting community for his extensive knowledge and willingness to help fellow collectors.

RIP Ken, and thank you.


Atari Disco Monitor Repair Guide

BK Adapter List (for models 467, 470, 480, and 490 rejuvinators)

BK465 CRT Tester Owner's Manual

BK467 CRT Tester Service Manual

BK467 CRT Tester Repair Log

BK490B User's Manual

BK490B Calibration Manual

BK490B Schematics

Ceronix 1492 Monitor Repair Guide

Ducksan Type 20 Old - Monitor Repair Guide

Eygo Merit Type 2 Orion Monitor Repair Guide

Goldstar MBM-2105A Monitor Repair Guide

Hantarex MT3000 Monitor Repair Guide

Hantarex MTC900E Repair Guide

Hantarex MTC_9110 Monitor Repair Guide

Hantarex Polo Monitor Repair Guide

Hantarex Polo Schematics

Hantarex Polo 2 110_15-25 Control board

Hantarex Polo 2 110_15-25KHz cover

Hantarex Polo 2 110_15-25 KHz CRT socket

Hantarex Polo 2 110_15-25 KHz E-W board

Hantarex Polo 2 110_15-25 KHz main board part 1

Hantarex Polo 2 110_15-25 KHz main board part 2

Hantarex Polo 2 110_15-25 KHz spare parts

Jen Shinn JS-220 Universal Replacement Chassis Schematics

Kaga KZ-9H Monitor Repair Guide

Korean Telecom AP-0621 Parts and Schematics

Kortek/Telco KT-1403V Monitor Repair Guide

Kortek KT-1420A Monitor Repair Guide

Neotec NT-1431 Monitor Repair Guide

PDT_4019V Monitor Repair Guide

Promax model TA-903B CRT Restorer Service Manual

Pentranic CH-288 Monitor Schematic

Radio Shack CM-11 Monitor Repair Guide (Tandy/CGA)

Sanyo 20EZ Troubleshooting Guide

Sanyo 20EZ Flowchart (actually created by Dave Okert)

Sega - Nanao MC-2000 Monitor Repair Guide (Sega #200-5072)

Sega - Nanao MC-2030 Monitor Repair Guide (Sega #200-5072)

Sega - Nanao MS7-20S Monitor Repair Guide (Sega #200-5072)

Sharp Image SI-727R-DS Monitor Repair Guide

Sharp Monitor Troubleshooting Guide

Tatung EC9387-01 / C5GNEKC Monitor Repair Guide

Tatung VS-14428 - VT-1440S - Merit Type 66 Monitor Repair Guide

WG 4900 Series Yoke & Chassis Compatibility

WG K7200 Series 13" Monitor Repair Guide

WG K7300 Series Monitor Repair Guide

WG U2000 - U5000 Service Kits

Wei-ya 825HR Schematic

Wei-ya 826HR Schematic

Weiya 1820HR Monitor Repair Guide

Weiya 1820H 19in Schematic

Weiya 2620HR Schematic

Zanen Monitor Capkits Catalog (old, 2010)

Zanen Monitor Capkits Catalog (2011)

Power Supplies

TEKBILT POWER SUPPLIES Models 30820 & 30920 Repair Information

TEKBILT POWER SUPPLIES Model 30820 Schematic

CHU-FAR F10 Power Supply Repair Guide (very early Peter Chou)

Nintendo Power Supply Pinouts (for every model Nintendo power supply)

Pan Yes Powermaster 3 Repair Guide

Peter Chou AT Power Supply Repair Guide

Peter Chou USP-9 Power Supply Repair Guide

Peter Chou XT Power Supply Repair Guide

Peter Chou XT Power Supply Repair Guide v2

Power Play 150 Power Supply Repair Guide


Midway Coin Door - Ms Pac Door w/ Anti-Cheating Mod


Williams EM Pricing Adjustment (2 plays for a quarter)

Williams EM Coin Trip Assemblies

Dart Machines

Arachnid 5000 Back Door Holes (how to cut back door vent holes)

Arachnid 5000 Power Supply Shematics

Arachnid 5000 to 6000 Conversion Kit Sales Flyer

Arachnid 6000 Bullseye Information (instruction sheets for the Arachnid 6000 series dart machine Double Bullseye feature)

Arachnid 6000 Parts Manual

Arachnid 6000 Target Head Switch Matrix

Arachnid 6000 to 6100 Upgrade (convert a Super-Six into a Super-Six Plus)

Arachnid 6100 Coin Credit Board

Arachnid 6100 Control Panel Insert

Arachnid 6300 Manual

Arachnid 7000 Sales Flyer

Arachnid Galaxy Conversion Kit Flyer (converts a 6000 series into a Galaxy series)

Arachnid Galaxy Linear Power Supply Schematic

Arachnid Galaxy Manual (for machines equipped with a LINEAR power supply)

Arachnid Galaxy Sales Flyer

Arachnid Galaxy Switching Power Supply Schematics

Arachnid Galaxy Lamp Dimmer Schematics(This version is only used on the Galaxy machines equipped with a SWITCHING REGULATOR power supply)

Medalist Spectrum Dart Machine Repair Guide