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  U.S. Patent 6,377,436   Microwave Transmission Using A Laser-Generated Plasma Beam Waveguide 
Pilot Aid Using a Synthetic Environment
Data Compression for Digital Elevation Databases
Controlling a Remotely Piloted Vehicle
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Simulated AM Radio
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Unit Vector Math for 3D Graphics 
The Relationship Between Unit Vector Math and Euler Angle Functions 
The Road to the Transistor 
Pay No Attention to those Folks Behind the Curtain
(Atari/Atari Games Vax Mail and Memos 1982-1992)
Lissajous Figures 
The Secret Life of Vector Generators 
The Secret Life of XY Monitors 
TomCat - Atari's Last XY Game 
Gas Music From Jupiter
  Miscellaneous Schematics for Hard Drivin'/Race Drivin': Motor Amp, ADSP Board, and DSK Board
Fixing the Race Drivin' Y2K Bug
Proposal to Reduce Spam
Atari Telephone Directory 1983





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