Wico 3" Rollers Wico 3" Rollers

August 26, 2008

In regards to what I have been saying for many years pertaining to cutting the long 3" Atari roller shafts down to fit the Wico or Imperial trackballs... it has finally been confirmed possible by Adam Pletcher. Here's what he had to say, "So it turns out, if you cut off 1/8" or so from the two Atari rollers with a dremel they fit the import TB units perfectly. The wheel screws even still fit. I just marked it next to the old one and cut." That should help many of you & my guess is that you could probably accomplish it with a hacksaw if you don't own a Dremel, as well.

The bearings are the same, so this 1/8" on two of the rollers is the only difference between the Atari set & the Wico/Imperial import sets.

Happy Gaming.....