Speaker Replacement

Replacing Those Odd Sized Speakers

by Bob Roberts

I must have typed this out a thousand times over the years, so I know this quickie page will help many of you. The typical email starts out with where can I get a 8.75" round speaker for my xyz game? Other than the std 6x9 & 4x4 speakers there are many cabs with odd sized speakers that just can't be found today, or if they are, then they cost as much as the cab itself. This is going to be a quick outline of how we handled the odd sized speaker for ops. I'm going to go from 6x9 to 4x4 because I have those speakers readily available.

The first step is to remove the speaker you are replacing. Then find a piece of scrap paneling. If you don't have a piece you can probably pick up a small piece from Home Depot or even a damaged full 4x8 sheet.

Cut a piece of the paneling a little larger than the speaker you are replacing.

Center your old speaker on the paneling & mark your bolt holes.

Center your new speaker on the paneling & mark your bolt holes.

Connect your diagonal bolt holes with a marker to find the center.

Drill the mounting holes & cut the center out staying within the new bolt hole pattern.

Paint the paneling overall with flat black paint.

Mount your new smaller speaker to the paneling with carriage bolts. If you don't have black bolts you can hide the heads with the same black paint you used for the paneling. Now what you have essentially is a replacement for the odd sized speaker & you just mount it back in the cab using the old bolts, or new if you have them. Use the same speaker grille that was there in the first place. Everything is hidden & for all appearances nothing has changed from the OEM.

Happy Gaming...