Possible Pot Replacements

Pot Replacements
G07 B+ Pot

The G07 B+ pot is an oddball size that is no longer available, so here are a few of the pots that I have in stock that could be made to work in place of them with a little bit of work & bridging.

This is P1017 from the Pot Page... a vertical mount 2.5K. The 2 outside legs can be bent slightly to fit the footprint on the PCB, while the center tap can be bent to a 90 degree angle allowing a jumper to solder to it & the thru hole in the PCB. Using a paper clip adds stability to this bridge. Using a ScotchBrite pad to remove the paper clip's coating allows for a better solder joint that will hold up to much abuse.

The other 4 pots in front of the B+ pot in the pic above are sold in a kit or you can order individuals by number below.

Below are a few other G07 B+ pot replacement possibilities.

This is P1065 from the Pot Page... a horizontal mount 2K. The outside legs pretty much fit the footprint & bending the center tap to a 90 degree allows for a bridge to the PCB thru hole.

This is P1048 from the Pot Page... a horizontal mount 2K. It fits pretty much the same way as the P1065 above.

This is P1062 from the Pot Page... a horizontal mount 2.5K. Like the 2 above it drops in at the back, but needs a bridge to the center tap.

For the skillful person it would appear that a precisely hand drilled hole would be possible making the center tap drop into place like the other 2 legs & make contact with the correct trace on the bottom side of the PCB eliminating the need for a bridge.

The best alignment tool kit that will do all these & more is this one from my Tool Page:
Bob's Plastic Alignment Tool Kit (horiz width coils) $4.00

Sanyo 20EZ B+ Pot

Here's one that James Hagen brought to my attention.

Pot P1066 from the Pot Page... a horizontal mount 5K... is a drop in replacement for this one.

There is a kit for the above Sanyo remote board on the Parts Page, but the pic shows all the same style above & a few have been exhausted & hence replaced by the pot numbers above them in the pic if you're looking for a single pot.

K7000 Pots

I'm fast running out of the horizontal replacement pots P1039 thru P1046 for the K7000 series remote pot boards & as soon as each value is gone it will be replaced by P1055 thru P1051 style pots. Both pot types can be used conveniently as can many of the other "C" types on the Pot Page.

The discontinued vertical pots P1138 thru P1142 mounted directly on the chassis of some K7000 models are disappearing even faster. Those pots were mirror images of most others that were used, so they are a little harder to replace. Using the standard pots faces the knob inward & there really isn't enough room to do that because of other mounted components. The best way to replace those is to go to the horizontal mounted "E" type pots.

Sanyo 20EZ H-Hold Pot

This long since obsolete, side mount pot with the odd value can be replaced with a remote mounted pot. Our harness maker made up a few of these & they seem to be working out well. For now we have managed to keep them at $5 each. The kit consists of a pot mounted to a perf board with 14" of wire attached & 2 mounting screws.

K7000 Neck Board Pots

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CTS Trimmer Pot Color Code

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