Using a G05-802/5 Monitor In A G05-801 Wired Cabinet

G05-802 to G05-801 Adaptor

by Bob Roberts

I'm going to post the pinout for the adaptor to use a G05-802, G05-805 or V2000 monitor in a game cabinet wired to use a G05-801. This should be a good aid to anyone who is into building their own adaptors. For those of you who would rather buy it assembled it is on the Parts Page here...
G05-802 Monitor Adaptor

12 Pos Amp .084 Plug/Socs 6 Pos Molex .093 Plug/Pins 7 Pos Molex .156 Header
Pin 1 Green 20ga ****************** Pin 5 Green 20ga
Pin 2 Yellow 20ga ****************** Pin 3 Yellow 20ga
Pin 3 Red 20ga ****************** Pin 1 Red 20ga
Pin 4 Black 18ga (Pin 11) Pin 2 & 5 Loop Black 18ga
Pin 5 White 20ga ****************** Pin 4 White 20ga
Pin 6 Gray 20ga ****************** Pin 2 Gray 20ga
Pin 7 Red 18ga Pin 1 Red 18ga
Pin 8 Brown 20ga ****************** Pin 7 Brown 20ga
Pin 9 Orange 18ga Pin 6 Orange 18ga
Pin 10 Red 18ga Pin 4 Red 18ga
Pin 11 Black 18ga (Pin 4 Loop)
Pin 12 Orange 18ga Pin 3 Orange 18ga
Pin 6 Key

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