Degaussing Your Monitor

by Bob Roberts

No matter if you have one video game or one hundred in your collection you should have a professional degausser. If you own a cocktail table you already know that you'll never have good color unless you degauss every time you move the game or open the cab. If your purity is off from any external source... moving the game, opening the cab, being to close to another magnetic field, positioned to close to the beer cooler, the kids playing with magnets or the big kid playing with speakers... you'll need a pro degausser to clear it up in less than a minute.

On-board degaussers are fine for a small splotch obtained by transporting the game, but even then it may take an extended period of time to clear it completely. This type of degausser is only active for seconds upon completely cold power ups of the game, so it may take many cold starts to clear the small splotch & and that, it may never clear it as much as what using an external pro degaussing coil would achieve.

There are many of the small "Tonka Toy" twenty dollar versions of a real degausser on the market today & they will work as well as the on-board degaussers, but are no where near powerful enough to produce perfection. A professional degausser will actually hold these in the center of them much like a gyroscope. Yes, there are many ways to clear up a small impurity unconventionally such as using a speaker, or other permanent magnet, an electric drill, a soldering gun, an old 8-track demagnetizer, bulk eraser or any number of other ways of introducing a magnetic field that you can work. These type of things are not permanent nor correct... just a temporary quick fix to get by & often times the layperson will make the situation worse rather than better.

I hear the impurity symptoms stated in many ways... the lettering on my game changes color halfway across the screen, the bottom of my pic has wrong colors, I have a purple spot in the corner the size of a baseball... and indeed, magnetizing any portion of the screen will give you dramatically different results. Here's a few pics:

Using a pro degausser is as simple as it is effective. You simply hold the power button in and starting a few inches away from the screen slowly move it in a circular motion while backing away from the screen five or six feet & release the power button.

You can view it below being cleared in seconds... remagnetized & cleared again.

Clip of degausser in action.

Don't get too excited... I bought a $25 Jazz from Big Lots to do this & you can tell ;-)

Happy Gaming...