CH-201 Cap Map

This Chinese chassis has been around for a good many years & hopefully my Cap MapŠ will help you to get a cap kit for your like chassis no matter the name brand you find on it. First versions will not have remote adjustment boards, but rather the controls mounted right on the main chassis. Cap positions may vary slightly, but in general will conform to the above layout. You may find some variations on values with your particular chassis & this can be accounted for by servicing over the years. Also, mfrs often up values in mid-production due to shortages or an over abundance of the next higher voltage value, i.e., a diminishing stock of 1uf16v & an overstock of 1uf25v may result in half the chassis' shipped with one value, while the other half will ship with the other.

The first versions showing up at our service center were strictly labeled in Chinese and shortly thereafter a host of brand names were affixed. I'll list a few references off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are many more... some that we probably never saw here in the south. They sported labels such as Eago, Eygo, Jin Ruey, Chun Peng, Promax, Pentranic & a host of others. Unfortunately, they position numbered the caps from chassis to chassis version from slightly different to almost entirely different. For this reason we have put together a kit of these caps without position numbers & have called it simply the CH-201 cap kit after the one pic'd here at a cost of $7. Your chassis may not be stamped at all or with M-703 or a host of others.

The chassis uses a 470uf200v B+ filter that can be bought separately if needed for $4.