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Andy's slightly smaller addition to the miles of waste on the Internet
(my abreviated homepage in other words)

Quick Note from Al...

Andy is one of those really cool guys that did some really cool material in the world of arcade collecting, purely for the hobby. The web service that he was on was owned by a friend and that friend sold the business.

The Andys Arcade Web Site is being reborn! See it now by clicking Here! (or Andy's Logo above). The content on this page is still unique, but will be incorporated into Andy's site in the future. In the true spirit of collecting, Tony and I are proud to host the two following pages (click to see them):

Atari Internal Documents

Andy's Gallery of the Grotesque

This is such cool material, Inside goings on of a company who made too much, too quickly and the dark side of collecting. All must be seen to be believed! I also felt compelled to include Andy's bio below.

The Page Where I Tell You About Myself.
Well, that is what you expected wasn't it?

D.O.B : 21/10/79
So what's yer name? : Andrew, but I prefer Andy
Where in the world are you? : Luton, in the good old UK.
What sorta music do you like? : The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Paul Van Dyk, Low Fidelity Allstars, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Air, Fatboy Slim, Y.M.O and many others :)
What are you doing at the moment? : Not a great deal, looking for work in the IT industry.

A piccie of me on the left in about December 1998.
A piccie of me on the right in about 1981 :) GROOVY!

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