Apppoooh by Sega


Armored Scrum Object by SNK

Assault by Namco

Bomb Bee by Namco

Breakout by Namco

Bullfighter by Sega/Alpha

Counter Run by Sega

UFO Robo Dangar by Nichibutsu

Dig Dug II by Namco

Dogosoken by SNK

Dragon Buster by Namco

Dragon Ninja by DECO

Dragon Spirit by Namco

Druaga by SNK

Equites by Sega/Alpha

Exciting Soccer by Alpha Denshi

Flower by Sega

Frogs by Sega

Galaxian by Namco

Gee Bee by Namco

GP World by Sega

Grobda by Namco

Halleys Comet by Taito

Jump Bug by Sega

Karnov by DECO

Klax by Namco

Last Survivor by Sega

Libble Rabble by Namco

Mappy by Namco

Metro Cross by Namco

Midnight Landing by Taito

Monkey Magic by Nintendo


Ninja-Kun by Taito

Ninja-Kun 2 by UPL

Ninja Princess by Sega

Omega Fighter by UPL

Oscar by DECO

Pac-Land by Namco

Pac-Mania by Namco

Pleiads by Taito

Riddle of Pythagoras by Sega

Raiders 5 by Taito

Revenge of Doh by Taito

Return of Invaders by Taito

Senjyo by Tehkan

Sinbad Mystery by Sega

Sky Kid by Namco

Space Invaders 2 by Taito

Strahl by UPL

Super Doubles Tennis by DECO

Terra Force by Nichibutsu

Task Force Harrier by UPL

Thunder Cross by Konami

Tip Top by Sega

Turbo Outrun by Sega

Wonder Boy by Sega

Yosaku by SNK

Zoom 909 by Sega??