Rec.Game.Pinball Post of Interest

Believe it or not sometime very useful articles are posted on RGP, and here are some of the post I have collected over the years. Some are tech articles and some are about thinks I thought worth saving. And others are about pinball closings. The messages are unedited and complete with headers.
TECH Articles
Pinball Lizards 43 Steps to refurbish an old pinball
Tim Arnold's Things 'not to do' to a Pinball Machine
5101 to 6116 Article and how-to
9316 to 2716 How to read a 9316 masked ROM
Bally repair tips Overhaul tips
Pinball Battery Tester Clive Jones's Battery Tester
Dot Matrix (Plasmadot) Clive Jones's How DMD work
LED replacement for Plasma displays
Squalk and Talk Clive Jones's how S&T works
Swith Matrix everything you wanted to know
Microprocessors Clive Jones's uP primer (Very Good)
WMS WPC Checksum How to modify a WPC rom and have the correct checksum
Williams Switch Matrix Another Clive article on WPC matrix

Pinball Closings :-( and Changes
Premier Pinball Closing Post
WMS Pinball Pat Lawlor's Post
WMS Pinball Ted Estes Post
Russel Willoughby WMS Closing Post
Stern Pinball Gary Sterns buyout of Sega
Gary Sterns Post on the new company

MISC Posting
Gottlieb Copyright incase you wanted to know
Cigar Aficionado Article on Pinball
Design News Article about Pinball design
Twilight Zone Proto Whats different in the Proto
More Info on TZ Proto
TZ Hacked Rom Ted Estes response to the Hacked Rom
Pin/Slot CrossoversWho at WMS worked on Pins and Slots
ST:NG Borg ShipWhy does ST:NG have the funny Borg ship

Pinball 2000 Articles
P2K Unveiling Jeremy Willsons P2K review
P2K Easter Egg Who are those people?
P2K Whos Who Oh thats whos those people are.
P2K Cpu Whats in that box?
P2K Inventor Lyman Sheats Post about George Gomez

Christmas Articles
Arcade Visit from St. Nicholas
Xmas-files Mulder and Scully look for Santa

Updated 4/13/2000