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Having cows appearing in pinball-games was an internal joke for the people at Williams/Bally.
It all started with the pinball game "Fire!" from 1987, a game about the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. A fire which is said to have been started by a cow knocking over a kerosene lantern.
The cow was then included in the game (see "Fire!" section below).
And since Williams/Bally pinball games were made in Chicago the cow became some sort of mascot.

Also look out for these things: the red button with a telecord (appears in Pat Lawlor-designed games), Skull and crossbones, Champagne glasses, 3, "SM", DOHO (Documented Occurrences of Hidden Objects (this is just a guess, only a few people
at Williams know for sure)), "Feel The Power", Bob, "Eat at Joe´s" and the artist/designer himself.

Explanation: xL: press left flipper button x times.
                   xR: press right flipper button x times.
                   xS: press start button x times.
                    B: press both flipperbuttons.

The games are sorted by name.




The Addams Family

During Attract mode, with no credits, press the following sequence:
Cows: 7L, 1S, 14R, 1S, 20L, 1S (View picture). DOHO can be seen on the chainsaw blade which the cow
on the right is holding.
Design Team: 13L, 1S, 1R, 1S, 2L, 1S

The Addams Family Gold

The same as above, plus:
Cows2: 12L, 1S, 5R, 1S, 4L, 1S (View picture).

Attack from Mars

Sometimes when you shoot the Big-O-Beam, a cow is displayed and a female voice says: "Would you look at the size
of that cow?!" and a moo is heard.
Sometimes when you shoot the Tractor Beam, a cow is beamed up. (View animation).
Whenever you shoot one of these ramps, hit the Launch button repeatedly for lots of mooing sounds.
Do this for both of the ramps and then start the Video mode in the usual way to play Cow Video mode, where the
saucers has been replaced with mooing cows.

Shoot the same Martian during Martian Multiball four times consecutively. The skull from No Fear appears
saying "Again, again!"

Press Launch button during Video mode to clear screen (works only once).

"Eat at Joe´s" can be seen on the backglass.

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Big Bang Bar

During Attract mode, with no credits, press the following sequence:
S, L, R, S, L, R, S, L, R, S, 2L, R, S, L, R, S, 3L, R, S, L, R, 4L, R, S, L, R, S, 5L, R
You will now get a secret message.

Big Guns

There is a champagne glass on the translite, by the land separations.
There are many anachronisms on the translite and playfield.

Black Rose

Sometimes when the ball is in the jet bumpers, you can spot cows fencing on the display.

Sometimes when the Unlimited Millions round is started, you see many small cows.

Sometimes when you manage to achieve a Combo Shot, cows walk across the screen, moo´ing.


Capcombo: Shoot around the Mini-loop, and then backwards around the right orbit to the rollover-lanes.
You will now see a moose kick a cow in the behind.

The playfield ball rack lights intermittently spell out T, O, N, Y (the first name of one of the
engineers). TONY also flashes during attract mode.

At the end of a game, hold both flippers before and during the moose animation for a fun sound effect.

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The names PATLA and GOLEN appear on the playfield below the flippers near the figure of a woman.
(Jim Patla designed this game, who is Golen?).

Champion Pub

The 14th collected jackpot is a "Cow of a jackpot!".

Sometimes when the Barfly gets swatted, it will be a Cowfly and a "moo" is heard.

If you hear an insect buzzing when the heavy bag is hit, quickly hit the launch button.
This will give you a Barfly, Cowfly or Bobfly. 100k and a Smart Punch is also awarded.

The boxing man assembly was modeled after programmer Duncan Brown.

Cirqus Voltaire

Watch the Video mode, as Ronnie jumps over a bunch of cows.

One of the judges in the bonus sequence is a cow.

Sometimes when you hit the Ringmaster, a moo is heard.

There´s a cow on the backglass, above the acrobat to the right.

Sometimes the 1´s digit on the display flips to a skull, a cow or a Tommy Ticket (from Ticket Tac Toe).

In the Attract mode´s history of the circus, a cow is mentioned in two places.

John Popadiuk can be seen as the Fabio-looking acrobat on the backglass.

In Attract mode, press one of these codes:
B, 3L, 10R, 19R, 1L (CJS)
B, 16L, 1R, 2L, 1R (PAB)


Before you plunge the ball into play, hit a flipper button to make the motor shake with a reving sound.

One of the tracks is the Holstein Track, and Holstein is a breed of cow.

When you start the "Catch me if you can"-sequence a car with one of four women drives up on the screen, but
at rare occasions a cow drives the car instead, with the text "Moo" at the bottom of the screen.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

When the P-A-I-D targets are completed for the first time, keep your eyes on the lower right corner of the display when
the animation is finished.

One of the awards you can get from the Snackbar is a hamburger.

Flipping the flippers when...
...the Snackbar opens awards "No more bad food" and the snackbar blows up.
...the Snackbar guy gives you the meny awards the quote "Come here, punk".
...the display reads "Knockout" after Video mode will give you a violent animation.

When you shoot F in FILM (you get the picture with 2 people kissing) DOHO can be seen in the lower right corner of the display.

Cue Ball Wizard

When in Curtain Video mode you can either find a moose/antilope worth 10M or a cow pie worth nothing.
You can also find the head of Elvis Presley worth 20M, "You found the King, darlin´".

A weak ramp shot will get the quote, "What kind of cow pie shot was that?"


A duck can be seen on the backglass.

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Demolition Man

When using the trigger buttons as flipper buttons, all Combos made gives an extra million to the bonus.

Pressing both thumb buttons on the handles...
...during Multiball awards the next Jackpot as Secret Jackpot.
...when getting "Big Points/1M" at the top lock awards an "Eat at Joe´s" animation and 5M.
...and triggers when getting "Big Points/1M" at the top lock awards "WAG" and 10M.
...right after Simon has been captured the third time awards a 10M Capture bonus.
...right after hitting the second Retina Scan awards a gruesome animation and a 10M Smithers bonus.
...right after getting the U-Look-Gr8-2Day awards a 10M Feel Great bonus. AcMag mode awards an exploding cow and a free AcMag award.
...when draining through an outlane during "Capture Simon" mode before Simon is captured  awards a "Simon Captured".
The 8th AcMag award is an exploding cow.

A cow can be seen on the rotating icon panel for the top lock´s mystery award.

Getting the ball up the left inlane and into the Retina Scan saucer awards a 10M Huxley bonus.

With a ball in the shooting lane, press the launcher button on the left handle 4-5 times.
Lenina Huxley will now say "What I wouldn't give for some action!"
This only works once per game.

When you enable any multiball there's a DO on the bottom left of the display and a HO on the bottom right.

 When you shoot the Fortress multiball there's a DOHO in the display (on the right side in the hill).

Dirty Harry

When having the "Body Armor", drain the ball during "Meet the mob". When the ball is launched back all
the mobsters will have cowheads.

Start a game just before midnight to enable "Midnight Multiball".


Hit the Start- or  Launch button when he crosses his eyes.

Press both flipperbuttons when the Renfield animation is shown and he says "Master..." to award an extra 5M.

DOHO can be seen on the display when you shoot a coffin lock.


With the Transmat not fully powered, hit the Transmat target. This will at random show a cow in a doctor-outfit and a
"moo" is sounded.

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Before you plunge the ball into play, hit a flipper button several times. This makes some of the flashers flash and explosions are heard.  (This can be done at the start of each ball).


In the barn there´s a cow moo´ing.

A "moo" is also heard on coin-drop and when pressing start.


Press the start button 3 times when the "skeleton fish" is crossing the display. This gives you a Fishbone bonus worth 10 points.

Stuff on the backglass:
The fishermen are artist Pat McMahon and designer Mark Ritchie.
The man being thrown out of the boat has "DUCK" on his right shoe.
The man being thrown out of the boat has "SKALON" (mechanical man Jack Skalon) on his left shoe.
There's a beercan just above and to the right of the second boat with CG (Chris Granner) on it.
There's a bag in the boat with the initials MP (Mark Penacho) on it.
The cap of the fisherman has "MAX" on it. Please let me know more about this.
The worm has a human face. Please let me know more about this.

Stuff on the playfield:
The plastic lightshield near the right fish-targets shows a bug with a parachute.
On this parachute "BUZZ" is written and a "3". Please let me know more about this.
There's a "3" on a plastic lightshield near the left outlane, it shows a fake fish with hooks attached to it. These hooks are double hooks, forming a "3".

The Flintstones

DOHO can be seen in the following places:
In the animation where you spell CONCRETE.
In the Match animation.
During Water Buffalo mode, on the side of the stage.


The High Score initials are sometimes replaced with "RUDY".

The red button is held by Rudy on the backglass.

On the backglass, the man with the boy on his shoulders is artist John Youssi. The boy is his son,
who also modeled for the inspiration of Rudy.

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Secret Mania: When the animation with your car outside Donut Heaven and three police-cars is shown, shift
down twice. Now all targets will be worth 5M for 20 seconds.

Hello World: With the ball in the shooter lane, press the following sequence: 3L, 1R, 3L, 1R, 3L, 2R


The sentence "Save Ferris" can be seen on the backglass as a homage to actor Matthew Broderick.

To see the credits, press the following sequence: 2L, 2R, 2L, 2R.


In the Intro-sequence where Bond draws his gun at you, draw faster than him using the gun.
This leads to a vide variety of animations and in one of them Bond is being chased by a cow.

In the animation for starting Tank Multiball, the letters POW can be seen in the center of the smoke.

Guns n´ Roses

When a match is achieved, wait until the animation has finished completely.

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Sometimes when you enter the lit Hurricane ramp, you can see a picture of  a cow accompanied with a moo,
you can also get a picture of a huge eye.

Sometimes the unlit Ferris Wheel will get you an inchworm or four ducks.

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Indiana Jones

Watch the background during the Shoot Again animation, the top right figure is a cow and DOHO can be seen
to the left of it.

DOHO is written vertically on the crate to the right in the match animation.
DOHO can be seen on the road sign in the Dr. Jones loop animation sequence.

During two-ball multiball, shoot the captive ball 5 times to award the item "The Fish Of Tales".

During "Find Marion" mode, after finding Marion, the shoot out scene can be ended in two ways;
either shooting the mode start hole, or pulling the gun trigger. After completing the shootout sequence, a face of a woman can be seen on the side of the building in the background.

Indianapolis 500

COW is spelt with the Spanner Targets.

The last souvenir is a cow.

In Wrong Turn you can see a cow in the farmer animation.

Sometimes a cow appears on the Pit Stop, being refuled/milked. You can also see this cow intentionally:
1. Advance the speedway light to Quick Pit, using the right ramp.
2. Light the Award Speedway light on the right loop.
3. Shoot the right loop.
4. Hit the Launch button rapidly when the animation starts. The cow appears!

DOHO is spelt with the Spanner Targets, and is also sometimes seen in the skid/crasch animation in the Video mode.

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In the Attract mode, press the Extra Ball button when the display shows "In memory of Joe Joos jr.".
(Joe Joos jr. is the designer of many cool toys in pinball, i.e. the 5 bank target, catapult arm, Thing, and the ferris wheel).

Watch the Keno card when you enter your name for a High Score.

Tapp the Extra Ball button while starting...
...Pinbot Poker to make Pinbot pull out an ace of clubs from his sleeve.
...Keno to get Pinbot to make all 25 squares match for 99,000,00.
...Slot machine to get Pinbot to change reels to "Light Extra Ball".
...Roll the Dice to get Pinbot to flip the dice to 12 x Dice Bonus.
...Casino Run to hear a cow moo, and now each shot to "spin the reels" during Casino Run changes the first bomb
   into another award (only works once per Casino Run).
...End of Ball Bonus (with 2x to 5x) to get an extra bonus multiplier.
These cheats are not sure to work all the time, but when they do you´ll hear Pinbot saying: "Look over there",
"Look Hally's Comet", or "Look there's Rudy".

Cow: Sometimes a cow face can be seen on a reel during Casino Run.

Johnny Mnemonic

Start a game just before midnight to enable "Midnight Multiball".

Cow 1: Sometimes during Midnight Multiball a "Moo!" can be heard and seen on the display when a switch is hit.
            This only occurs once per multiball and +/- 50 % of the multiballs.

Cow 2: Wait long enough during attract mode and then press either one of the flipper buttons or the launch button.
            At random occasions you may hear a "Moo!".

Tournament Mode: press and hold both flipperbuttons for about 5 seconds during attract mode, then watch
the display.

Crazy Bob operates the 3x3 matrix.


On the backglass, the joker is artist John Youssi.

Judge Dredd

Press the red buttons when... shoot the Sniper Tower to recollect the value and the sniper smacks into a wire fence.
...the Safecracker guy opens the safe and smiles.
...Judge Dredd speaks into a C.B. and tells you to "get the Extra Ball".

The criminal in "35 years for arms dealing" is the girl getting kissed from "Creature from The Black Lagoon".

The criminal in "15 years for auto theft" is the snackbar operator from "Creature from The Black Lagoon".

Hidden audits: In Attract mode when the display reads "CREDITS", press 1L,1R,1L,1R,1L quickly.
This will show audits about played Super Games.


When the Time Machine clock shows 3:33, hit both flippers 3 times to start the Secret mode.

Sometimes when the crane hits the car targets, DOHO comes up on the display.

Push Start button during Saucer Attack Wave to clear the screen.

Crazy Bob is the owner of the junkyard.

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Lethal Weapon 3

Sometimes a cow will appear in the Video mode. Since the cow appearances is a Williams/Bally joke and this being a
DataEast game the cow is worth 1M if you shoot it!

In the Attract mode, the instructions for the Video mode is: "Help Murtaugh make hamburger."

Lost in Space

Press the following sequence: 2L, 2R, 2L, 2R to see the credits.

To put the pin in Wizard mode hold the right flipperbutton and press start.
To put the pin in Tournament mode hold the left flipperbutton and press start.

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The Machine (Bride of Pin-Bot)

When tilted, the birthdays of people and family members associated with the making of Bride show up on the display.  These birth dates show up only on the actual birthday.  You may also see this if you tilt the game on a birthday.
Holiday greetings such as “Happy New Year”, also show up on the display, on the appropriate date, by either turning the game on or tilting it.

Start a game and make sure a ball is resting on the plunger.
Press the left flipper button for one minute (or a little longer), then press the right flipper button for one minute (or a little longer)
and finally press both flipper buttons for one minute.
Some extra music is heard and the "Old McDonald"-mode is now available and will not end until the ball is shot into the game.
When the game plays the song "Old Mc Donald had a farm" keep the beat of the song with the flipper buttons.
Start with the left flipper button and push left right left right with the Old MacDonald tune in mind.
After "Old MacDonald had a cow'' continue to push the buttons and watch the display and listen.

There is a Champagne glass on the translite.

Medieval Madness

One of the items you can shoot with the catapult is a cow.

A cow is seen on the backglass.

The peasants says that the King has taken their cows.

Default initials for Grand Champion and Multiball Madness Champ is MOO.

Enter the initials MOO in the High Score list to hear cows moo´ing.

Shooting ramps consecutively will make Skull from No Fear appear. No fear is also one of the catapult attacks.

Sir Psycho declares "Again!" (from No Fear) randomly during castle demolition.

Mortal Kombat lines: shoot the right ramp two times in a row for "Toasty!", three times for "Fatality".
Sometimes "I challenge you!" is heard.

Push Fire button during video mode to clear the screen of birds.

Catapult three cows. The next time you get the video mode (and this will probably be the second video
mode, activated after say 40 or 50  FIRE's) it will be save the calves,
where the children are replaced by calves.


The designer's name appears on a plastic lightshield near the right drop target bank "BY WW WELCH" (Wally Welch).
"P. BY EMIL G" appears on a plastic lightshield near the skill shot rollovers.
"MAD MAX" appears on a plastic lightshield near the "1" target.

Monster Bash

In the game there is a "Cow palace" venue.

In the Mosh Pit Multiball animation you can see a cow skeleton on the left side of the screen.

A DOHO is seen in the graveyard when Igor finds a part for the monsters body.

Elvira and Wonder Woman can be seen on the backglass.

With a game started, press the following sequence: B, 11L, 1R, 5L, 1R, 6L, 1R. If entered successfully
Lyman Sheats will say "Totally" and your next award at the "venue" scoop will be "Lyman´s Lament".

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NBA Fastbreak

Crazy Bob is the hot dog vendor.

No Fear

During Attract mode, press the following sequence:
Message: B, 8L, 1R, 5L, 1R, 5L, 1R, 6L, 2R

Achieve a high score and enter the initials MOO, the skull will now say "moo" after your credit award.

Press and hold the Extra Ball button at the beginning of Air Challenge and hit the Skydive when it´s still at 25M.
You are now awarded 50M and a MK3 hint.

No Good Gofers

During Attract mode, press the following sequence:
Design Team: B, 16R, 1L, 13R, 1L, 12R, 1L
Once entered you have to wait 5 minutes until you can do it again.

The red button is held by Buzz on the backglass.

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There is a mock reflection of you playing the game, in the pinball, that is used as a separator between the words pin and bot on the translite.

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Reel Estates (Monopoly Slot Machine, Williams)

After getting 15 credits for an ANY BAR lineup, the display shows Uncle Pennybags
holding a picture of a cow.  Normally it is a picture of dollar signs or "15" or such.

Revenge From Mars

A cow is held by the big martian on the backglass.

One of the animals that you must shrink in the Big-O-Beam mode is a cow.

A plane on the backglass has the text "P2K" and "Gomez" on the side.

A cow can be beamed up in "Alien Abduction".

In the animation for regular multiball a Saturn-like planet whizzes by. On the rings of the planet stands a cow.

Mortal Kombat line: in the Secret Weapon mode, get the martians life bar down all the way and the words "Finish Him!"

In Attract mode, press the following sequence: B, 1R, 1L, 2R, 1L, 3R, 1L, 1L

Riverboat Gambler

Before you plunge the ball, press and hold the Red and Black buttons. then press Pass 3 times, Black 3 times, Red 3 times,
Green 3 times. The display will now "shimmer", and when you press Black and Red at the same time it will say "Hello World".

Road Show

There are two cows in RS. One is on the Picture Plate souvenir, and the other on the far right of the backglass, on
top of the hill.

There are also two DOHO´s: Watch the barbed wire on the far right of the backglass. No. 2 appears in the background
of the New York mode, in the windows of one of the buildings.

Construction Mania: When you visit Bob´s Souvenir Bunker and the display shows the bunker with the sign "Uranium Ore
$3 a Chunk" in the window, quickly hit both flippers twice. All targets are now worth 3M for 20 seconds.

Secret Video mode: Enter the High Score list (the daily High Score list will do as well) and press the
following combination instead of your initials: B, 3R, 2L, 2R, 1L. This only works if the billboard at Bob´s Bunker has displayed
"Hidden Video Mode: BRRRLLRRL" when visited.
This isn´t really a Video mode but a cool thing nonetheless!

Fun Message: B, 8L, 1R, 5L, 1R, 5L, 1R, 6L, 2R. (works in attract mode as well as during gameplay).
This code is also used in No Fear and ST: TNG, knowing this makes more sense to the message!

Achieve a high score and enter the initials TED.

The High Score initials are sometimes replaced with "TED" or "RED".

Sometimes the billboard at Bob´s Bunker reads "Frenzy? Bwa ha haa!".

Ted is heard saying "Officer Steve Speed!" during the Ohio mode where quotes from Getaway is used, a game
designed by Steve Ritchie.

The red button is held by Pat Lawlor himself, sitting in a Corvette with the license-plate "Game Biz".

The "Rubber Nose" souvenir resembles the face of Roger Sharpe.

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The red button can be found on the backglass held out through Bob´s getaway rental van.
It is also seen on one of the tokens that are awarded from the machine.

One of the "?" awards is a cow head.

One of the Candy 2000 codes is MOO, which gives you a Vault letter.

Enter MOO in the high score list to hear a cow.

The letters BCM can be seen in the animation for when you enter the board game via the cellar entrance.
The letters are to the far right on the DMD and can only be seen in the beginning of the animation.
In the same animation you can see a DOHO on the sewer lid.

Scared Stiff

The animation for Meat Head shows a cow moo´ing.

During Attract mode, press one of the following sequences: B, 3L, 15R, 23L, 1R (that spells cow!).  (View picture).
                                                                                          B, 13L, 15R, 15L, 1R.
                                                                                          B, 13L, 1R, 2L, 1R.
                                                                                          B, 3L, 10R, 19R, 1L.
Please note that the L & R are reversable on all the codes to this game.

I´m not sure if they work but try these two as well: 3B, 20L, 23R, 1L, 1R or
                                                                             B, 3L, 20R, 23L, 1R.

When Drac says "Hurry, stop the spider!" the display usually shows a spider crawling up the web. But if instead the display shows the number 3 crawling up the web, then press the startbutton 3 times. This awards an extra Spider Spin.

Achieve a high score and enter the initials MOO. (View picture).

In Attract mode, watch the list of Elvira´s Favorite Stiffs. Sometimes DOHO is displayed as the oldest stiff at
the bottom of the list.

There are three video tapes on the backglass:
"Corn Man from Mars" was Pat McMahan's name for the Martians that Doug Watson designed for Attack from Mars.
"Black Thursday" refers to the day everyone was laid off at WMS.
"Curse of the Zombie Cows". Them cows again!

One of the deadheads, Bad Head, is playfield designer Steve Ritchie.

The cat in the backglass was drawn from a photo of designer Dennis Nordman's wife's cat, Chelsea.

With your machine set to the correct date, power up on any of these days for a birthday fanfare:
Mike 3/16/65  (Mike Boon, software)
Cameron 9/18/73  (Cameron Silver, software)
Alan 2/22
Eydie 1/5  (Mike Boon's wife)
Heather 5/14/96
Tania 12/5
Paul 11/11/57  (Paul Heitsch, sound/music)
Lindsey 9/24/86  (artist Greg Freres' daughter)
Lauren 8/30/89  (also Greg Freres' daughter)
Also listed in the ROM but not functional - Damien 5/22.

The Shadow

Get the quote "Anyone for Peking duck?" by doing one of the following:
Pull the trigger at the beginning of each mode (does not work on Duel of Wills and Hotel).
Pull the trigger at the end of Duel of Wills.
The quote is also heard during the Extra Ball animation, during the quote "I know" in Who Knows award, when you
get a Scene Bonus of 2M, when the ball is in the Battle Field popper.
The quote is only heard once per playfield location.
The quote is said by three different people and when you´ve heard all three, start a scene to start The Secret Laughing mode
(Observe the duck on the right, quacking.).

During normal play, the mist behind the score digits sometimes forms a cow or a duck. Pull the trigger to hear them!

Sometimes when you drain through an outlane, a bunch of cows walks across the screen, moo´ing.

Pull the trigger in the Video mode to clear the screen for a few seconds, but watch out when the Purba´s return!
This only works once per Video mode.

Pull the trigger in the Mongol Hurry Up to end the mode and award 3M.


Bart quotes: "Don´t have a cow, man!", "Cowabunga!"

South Park

Press the following sequence: 2L, 2R, 2L, 2R to see the credits.

Starship Troopers

Press both flippers when you´re getting briefed by the military officer. That guy is then history!

Press the following sequence: 2L, 2R, 2L, 2R to see the credits.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

During Attract mode, press the following sequence:
Steve Ritchie games: B, 8L, 1R, 5L, 1R, 5L, 1R, 6L, 2R

Secret Mission: When the Shuttle ramp is entered and the display shows "Holodeck 3 is Ready", pull the
gun trigger three times. Every target is now worth 1M+odd number.

Poker: When you have the choice of 25M or Shuttle Simulation in the Holodeck, hold the trigger and press the right flipper

Secret Video mode: on ball 1 hit a flipper x times and choose Light Lock. On ball 2 hit a flipper y times and choose
Light Lock. Finally, on ball 3 , hit a flipper z times and choose Light Holodeck.
The values of x, y, and z and which flipper to hit is unknown, please let me know if you have some information on this.

Hidden Image: Shoot the ball into the Advance Rank/Command Decision hole when nothing is lit, then pull the trigger.
The display now shows a Limo driving away from a wall which has a DOHO graffiti on it.
You can also see this animation at the beginning of Multiball: Fire the first shot, miss the second and then hit both flippers.
This might only work on games with software revision LX-7.

Press both flipperbuttons when Data says: "If you had propelled the ball on the proper trajectory you would
have been rewarded!" to award points. This is only said when losing a "bad" ball.

Star Wars Episode 1

In Attract mode, press the following sequence: B, 24R, 1L, 9R, 1L, 14R, 1L, 1R, 1L

In Attract mode, press the following sequence: B, 1R, 1L, 2R, 1L, 3R, 1L, 1L

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Tales of The Arabian Nights

When you get Bazaar awards, quickly hit both flippers. Do this for three awards and the fourth award will be a cow
worth 1M.

Start the Great Camel Race with Bazaar lit and when you make the first Symbol shot a moo is heard. Now shoot
the Bazaar immediately and hit both flippers. There´s that cow again!


Drawn on the playfield near the right flipper there's a cow sitting in the side of a motorcycle combination.

Theatre of Magic

In the Hidden Staircase animation, you can spot DOHO in the lower left corner.

When you start a game, hold the left flipper button. The first Basement Award will now be Digital Pinball where
player 1 plays for 40M, all other players play for Extra Ball.

Holding the right flipper button at the start of a game will activate MK3 Symbols. Spell THEATRE to reveal the symbols.

A cow can be seen during the Metamorphosis mode.

Shoot the Trunk three times in Hat Magic mode to make a telephone appear on the screen. "Move your car" is heard
from it.


Tommy mode: Hold the Buy-In button when starting a game to play an entire game with the blinders on.

Twilight Zone

When you are awarded a replay, the three reels on the display spins to spell RE-PL-AY. Watch the left and
center reel, where the cows are. The right reel reads "The Stunt Cows".
To see the animation in slow motion, click here.

Flipper bonus: When you are awarded a replay on your outhole-bonus, press both flippers when the first
reel has stopped. This will give you a 5M flipper bonus.

Clock bonus: Hitting the unlit clock target with all seven Greed targets lit will give you 10M.
This only works once per ball and only during normal play.

Quotes from older Pat Lawlor pins are heard during "Fast Lock", in reverse chronological order:
The Addams Family: Cousin It blabbing. Hitting lock: Cousin It: "Aaaah!".
Funhouse: "Hey, it´s only pinball!". Hitting lock: Rudy: "Gulp...ptooey!".
Whirlwind: "Return to your homes!". Hitting lock: "Do not panic".
Earthshaker: "It´s sunny drive time!". Hitting lock: "Ooh, Gimme shelter!".
Banzai Run: "Welcome race fans!". Hitting lock: "Go for the hill!".

Hit The Clock six times during "Clock Chaos" to hear Rudy from Funhouse: "Quit playin´ with the clock!".


Cow Multibull: Shoot the orbits 9 times to start a 5 ball Multiball.

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The red button is held by Pat Lawlor himself, driving the Storm Blasters van on the backglass.


Cow 1: During Attract mode, with no credits, press the following sequence:
3L, 1S, 15R, 1S, 23L, 1S

Cow 2: During Bigfoot Hotfoot, the fifth item in Bigfoot´s Cave is a cow.

Cow 3: When the cow in Bigfoot´s Cave has been collected, getting the Mystery Canyon as a Whirlpool Award
will show a picture of the Spirit pulling a string on the legless cow. A loud "moo" is heard.
This picture can also be seen very briefly in the Vacation Bonus award.

On the backglass, the man with the surprised look on his face is artist John Youssi.


Start a game just before midnight to enable "Midnight Multiball".

During Attract mode, with no credits, press the following sequence:
B, 8L, 1R, 5L, 1R, 5L, 1R, 6L, 2R

Tournament Mode: press and hold both flipperbuttons for about 5 seconds during attract mode, then watch
the display.

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KMIEC appears on the playfield near the right flipper (near the head of a robot). Greg Kmiec designed Xenon.

Someone told me that HUDSON appears on the other side (near the left flipper (near the head of a robot). I don't know who Hudson is, I know that Paul Faris did the artwork so I don't think it's likely that Margaret Hudson's name appears on this playfield.

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Thanks to: Sigma, Richard Baan, Gavin Miller, Robert Winter, Ad Jonker and all other Cowhunters.


Found a Cow? Please let me know at:

Made by Torbjörn Molander
"Hey, it´s only pinball!"