California Extreme 1999

Taito Family Portrait Qix, Kram, Electric YoYo Electric YoYo, Zoo Keeper, Space Dungeon
Gridlee (front) Gridlee (side) Snake Pit
Death Race Cab6 Death Race Screen Warrior, Sega Star Wars Arcade
Joust II, Inferno Exidy Attack Atari Vector Row
Teeter Tourture Bandido, Arm Wrestling Bandido
Stunt Cycle #1 Stunt Cycle #2 Freeze #1
Freeze #2 Cabaret Missile Command I,Robot
Warrior Forgotten Worlds, T-Mek Guilded Missile, Baby PacMan, Boot Hill
Sea Wolf, Tapper Cabaret Tempest Atari Vector Row #2
Williams Row Game Tournament Pepper II, LocoMotion
Targ, Cabaret BattleZone, Moon Cresta Kozmik Kroozr Pong Doubles, TankII, BiPlane
Sit-down and Upright Sinistars STUN Runner, PSE Maneater Space Wars, Three Stooges
Q*Bert's Qubes Star Wars Pinball 2000 Atari Badlands
Dragon's Lair II, Blasto Sit-down and Upright Star Wars Roadblasters, Runnaway, Assault