The Killer Instinct Project

This web site is a quick 'how-to' for copying the hard drive that shipped with Killer Instinct. Please note, this copy process works 100% and the game will play flawlessly, but the drive will NOT pass the diagnostics check that is built into the game. There are also multiple variations on this theme that you can use to copy the drives. The method described here works, and that is what really matters. I will not be 'updating' the page with alternate methods...

If you feel that this is beyond your capabilities or you don't have the hardware necessary to perform the copy, I will copy 1 hard drive for $25 and up to 3 hard drives for you for $40 (this price includes return shipping) given that you supply IDENTICAL Seagate ST9150AG hard drives that are error free as well as the same number of original KI drives (working or dead) so that I am performing a 'service' and not selling you Midway/Nintendo/Rare's game image. Under NO circumstances will I copy or distribute this image if I do not have in my possession an original Killer Instinct hard drive. This is done to prove ownership. No exceptions. I understand that you may be hesitant to ship your working drive, but please know I will NOT even power it on. I will use an image from my backup or original Killer Instinct hard drive.

Killer Instinct 2 is a more difficult issue, but I believe that I have it figured out as well. It's just not as 'clean' as copying the original one. I will update this page when I have verified that my method does indeed work.

What you will need:

Here we go:
  1. Take your DOS boot disk and copy the extracted files from to the disk. You can create a boot disk by formatting a disk in Windows and selecting 'Copy System Files' during the process. The copy of Dolly here on my site is a shareware version. If you use it past the allotted time, please pay the authors.
  2. Shut your system down, and connect the original KI hard drive (source) to the primary IDE (IDE #1) on your motherboard and connect the destination drive on the secondary IDE (IDE #2).
  3. **NOTE** If your current hard drive(s) has/have been set up without auto-detection, you will need to make note of ALL the settings (and return them to the original ones after the copy) or your system will not boot.
    Power on your system and enter the BIOS. If your BIOS can auto-detect the hard drives, then have it do so. I typically like to turn off all the advanced functions since these drives do not supported them. For example - turn off 32 bit transfer mode, turn off LBA (set to CHS if available), and set the PIO mode to 0 or 1. If your system can auto-detect them properly, you should be OK. If not, then enter the parameters in manually - Cylinders: 419, Heads: 13, Sectors: 47, translating to a 131MB hard drive.
  4. Save the settings and exit the BIOS.
  5. When the system reboots, make sure you have your boot disk in the drive and your system should boot to a command prompt: "A:\"
  6. At the command prompt type: "dolly hd128: hd129:" - The FIRST time you run Dolly, it's going to ask you for some information so that it can create a license file. It is not being sent to anyone, so just fill it in. When you have entered in all the information requested, it will tell you that you can use Dolly for 30 days.
  7. Again, type: "dolly hd128: hd129:". This time, it will ask you for your license key or 'TRIAL'. Enter TRIAL and press the 'Enter' key.
  8. You will now see the following -
    Dolly will read 'HD128 (418*13*47=255398) Range 0-255397' range 0-255397
    Dolly will write 'HD129 (418*13*47=255398) Range 0-255397' range 0-255397
    Total number of sectors to be copied is 255398
    CAUTION: Data on destination drive might be destroyed! Continue (y/n)
  9. Make sure your total sectors and numbers match the above - if not, then your system did NOT auto- configure the drives properly, or you entered in the data incorrectly in your BIOS.
  10. If everything matches up - type a "y" at the prompt and hit 'enter'.
  11. You will see the sector by sector progress, and as long as you have no bad sectors on your source or destination drives, the copy will complete and that's it! You have successfully backed up your KI drive!

Final notes and considerations: