The new switchable Star Wars/Empire Strikes back Version 3.0 Kit

The new kit is mostly an improvement in power consumption and ease of installation over previous versions. The circuit board is now larger and plugs directly into the 6809, NOVRAM, and one pin of an EPROM socket. All the CPU board EPROMs are eliminated, as are the EPROMs on the old-style ESB daughtercard. There is no need to hand-wire the pins of the EPROMs together, and there are now dedicated spots on the circuit board to connect the wire from the AVG board and SND board.

The board keeps high score and settings information for both Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back.

Price remains the same. $99 + $7 shipping in the U.S. (e-mail me for international shipping rates)

If you'd like to add Empire Strikes Back to your Star Wars game, please drop me a note and I'll give you all the details.

e-mail Clay for details...

Updated: 5/8/98