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This page contains memos from the early days of Atari. Lots of interesting information.



Star Wars memo from Lucas Films. This document contains some funny comments from Lucas Films on the game play proposal from Atari Games. There is a hand written note from Mike Hally at the top.

Linked Star Wars Memo: This document describes an idea for a sequel to Star Wars with the ability to link games together.

First Person Space Wars Proposal: This document was written by Jed Margolin. It's a game proposal for the game that became Star Wars.

First Person Space Wars Revised Proposal: The same document as above, but revised for submission to management.

Prototype Collection Report for 3/14/80 : This memo is a report on how well the test games did on location. A few game names are mentioned that might not have been heard before.

Battle Zone Field Test Report: (part1) (part2) This is a report on how players reacted to Battlezone during the test phase.

First Person Tank Mockup Drawing: This sketch is a mock up for First Person Tank, the game that became Battlezone.

Warp Speed Field Review Report: This is a document for March 1982 that talks about features of Warp Speed and how players felt about the game.

Warp Speed Propsal Document (part 1) (part 2). This document is basically a proposal for Warp Speed gameplay.

(new documents below were added on 1/9/02)

Star Wars Game Costs Memo: How much did it cost to build each Star Wars Upright?

Battlezone Tank Sketch- Here is an orginal sketch drawing for one of the BZ tanks.

Tomcat Game Proposal: This is an early draft of the Tomcat vector game proposal.

Missile Command Cost Sheet: How much did it cost to build each Missile Command Upright?

Star Wars Game Play Ideas: Some of these ideas did not make the cut.

Top Ten IC Failures on Star Wars Boards: Just like the link says.

Star Wars NOVRAM Failure Memo- This decribes a problem with the Score and Settings ram for Star Wars.

Battlezone Costs Memo: What did it cost to build Batlezone uprights?

Asteroids Cost Memo - Price of Building the uprights.

Star Wars Focus Group Feedback - This is an early report on the Star Wars game. (part1) (part2)

Tomcat Memo : Memo to management with info on the Tomcat project.

Star Wars Service Note- This is a Field Service memo dated 7/83

(new documents below were added on 1/13/02)

MAP: This is a map of all the Atari Buildings in Sunnyvale California. At one time Atari seemed to own the entire block.

Project Number List - this is a list of projects. The date is 11/80.

Project Number List - this is a list of projects. The date is 2/81

Project Number List - this is a list of projects. The date is 6/81

Security Protection : (part1) (part2) This is a document on how to prevent bootlegging of games. Written by Ed Logg.

Company Store Price List (part1) (part2) This is the price list at which employees could purchase Atari Products.

Brainstorm Session: (part1) (part 2) This document is from a Game Idea Brainstorming session in Feb 1980.

First Person Tank Idea Proposal: This is an early idea document for Battlezone.

Project Priorities: This document lists the priorities for a bunch of 1980 projects.





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