The Killer Instinct Project

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Killer Instinct Manual in Adobe PDF Format
Complete Manual - 1.25MB (Zipped)

Killer Instinct Sound ROMs:
Sound ROMs - 4MB (Zipped)

The original hard drive that shipped with these games will die eventually (it is a hard drive) and this page is meant ONLY for individuals that own the original hardware to make a backup copy so that they can preserve their investment. If you do not own an original hard drive, then please do not use these instructions to illegal ends.

  • Walkthrough for installing a desktop IDE drive in your Killer Instinct machine on KI page.
  • The updated boot ROM that will allow KI to run on ANY IDE drive has been posted on the KI page.
  • KI-BSD boot disk created to "automate" the imaging process. Connect the drives and go.
  • Purchased EEPROM programmer - will burn and ship new KI boot EEPROMs for $15 (shipping included).
  • Drive imaging service: $20 for one drive imaged, tested, and verfied in my KI (shipping included).
  • Drive imaging service: $30 - same as above, but includes new boot ROM for your KI (shipping included).

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