40 Pin Zif Sockets

40 Pin Zif Sockets

by Bob Roberts

Here's another aid that comes in handy when you're working on PCBs or need to test a bunch of 40 pin ICs. We had game boards all set up with 24 pin, 28 pin & 40 pin ZIF sockets so that any chip that was questionable could actually be tested in circuit on a proven board.

A ZIF socket is a Zero Insertion Force IC socket. When the lever is in the up position the contacts inside are spread open, so that the IC will fall in loosely.... hence zero insertion force. Once your IC is in place you simply turn the lever down to the horizontal position to push all contacts closed, gripping the IC pins firmly. This allows for thousands of safe insertions & extractions. That's why you find them on eprom programmers.

Happy Gaming...

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