Williams Deluxe OEM PS
Repair Kit

Williams Deluxe OEM PS Repair Kit

by Bob Roberts

OK... I've heard it enough times now. Seems many of you like to change all the lighbulbs in the house when one goes out & keep asking me to include other go/no go components in the Williams repair kit. The current kit is of just the common components that fail allowing you to shotgun for them & I've been asked too many times to include all the bridge rectifiers, a number of times to include headers & few less times on the 2N6057/9, so here is a deluxe kit that consists of the current repair & connector kit plus the following items:

  • 2N6059
  • KBPC-3502W Bridge Rect 35A 200V wire legs BR1*
  • KBU401 Bridge Rectifier 4A 100V BR2
  • AL156 Bridge Rectifier 1.5A 600V BR3
  • 18,000uf35v radial to replace existing axial
  • 2x 24 position .156 break-away header
  • 2x T0-3 Insulators
  • Packet of Heat Sink Compound
  • Fuse Kit

* The tab type KBPC-3502 can be subbed if needed.

That is all of the components that have been requested to add to the kit to date. If nothing else, it provides a laundry list of the components used.

Happy Gaming...