Just say no to a Super Harness!
A prepacked Super Harness comes with a 9 position
Molex .093 connector in each player CP switch bundle
and has the .187 QDs already attached to plug
onto the microswitches of the joysticks & buttons.
All other connections still have to be supplied and
made up by you, so why not save enough to pay for all
the connectors you need & do them yourself.

Super-Super Jamma Harness Kit

1 Economy Jamma Harness *
2 Molex .093 12 position connectors w pins & sockets
1 Bag of 50 .187 QDs fully insulated - CP & maybe spk
6 .250 QDs insulated - coin switches & maybe speaker
1 Amp 2 pos connector w pins & socs for speaker wires
1 Molex .156 IL 6 pos connector w pins monitor (vid)
1 Molex .156 IL 3 pos connector w pins monitor (sync)
1 10' black 22ga wire for switch ground loops
8 Spade connectors for power supply terminals
1 Amp 12 pos connector w pins & socs for coin door

All this for the same money and you'll have
spare parts when you've finished custom building your
cab's harness.

* Add $4 to sub a Neo harness or a fully loaded