Red Ball Replacement Joystick

Here's Happ's latest joystick made to be used in the Namco 20 Year Reunion Ms Pac-Man/Galaga cabs, but I think they will workout great in other apps, as well. In this top view you can see it has the bolt pattern of the newer generation joys such as the Ultimate & other standard sticks. It is a 4-way stick, but with a smoother action due to the diamond cut-out, and has a fairly stiff spring back to center to it.

Here's the side view of the joysick and unless they know something that I'm unware of, I don't see how you could possibly mount it in a wood control panel as is, short of mounting it down through the top, and that would require a pretty accurate square cut-out & the Cherry switches would have to come off & be reattached after mounting.

I have the adaptor plates to mount these to Pacs in stock now. They work perfectly & effortlessly & many are commenting that you don't even realize they are micros.

Here in the bottom view all you purists will see that it does use the Cherry microswitches with metal actuators... and, yes, it does go clickety, clackety as you use the stick, but I think that once mounted in an enclosed control panel, and the background sound of the game is on, you might even get use to it:) Perhaps it will click & clack to the games movements and enhance game play..... it could happen, right?

All things considered, I think this is going to be a nice addition to the Happ line, and benefit ops, collectors and MAMEers alike.