K7000 Remote Board The K7000 Remote Pot Kit contains the 6 horizontal mount pots used on the remote bd as pic'd below.

The kit comes with instructions so that you know what pot goes where :-) The pic below shows a start position for each pot and can also serve as a starting point on a used remote bd to get each one in range, cutting down on the guess work & numerous adjusts back and forth looking for the ideal setup.

I've used a black marker on the adjustment slots to highlight them & also marked the flat end that serves as the direction indicator. I put a corresponding black mark on the bd itself along with a direction line. Most chassis' will have at least 4 of the pots in this approximate position with the balance being off slightly in either direction depending of the age & wear of the chassis' components.

There are several value variations on these pots from remote to remote bd depending on which series it was mfg'd to accompany, but the range of values works with any of the chassis models making them universal among the K7000 series. I would assume this to be true in the new K7400 series, as well, but I don't have one to compare it to, so you may want to measure the pot values on a K7400 series before attempting to use a K7000 series remote bd or at least compare values in the manuals of both.

From time to time I do come by a few used K7000 remote bds & have them for sale at $20 each scope tested, repaired if necessary and adjusted with a 24-hour burn-in period. Only minor fine tuning should be needed upon installation... again, depending on age & wear of your chassis' components.