K7000 Regulators

K7000 Regulators

by Bob Roberts

The Wells-Gardner K7000 series chassis' used several different regulators in position IC4, so it is necessary for you to physically look at the regulator used on your particular chassis to insure you get the correct one. A general ROT is that the 19" chassis used the STR3123 or STR30123 to regulate to 123 volts, but chassis' have always been swapped around by ops & others to keep a monitor going without regard to it's size. The general ROT for the larger CRTs regulation is the STR3130 or STR30130 at 130 volts. Because of their similar numbers many have ordered the wrong regulator for their chassis. You need to pay close attention when checking your chassis to keep from using shelf space & avoiding extra shipping costs.

The first reg in the pic above is representative of the regs used by WG in earlier K4xxx models... STR381 & STR383... & the others are the typical K7000 regulators. You can see that if you had the wrong one you would not be able to match it up to the pinout, although WG did have some chassis' silked to fit either type.

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