Joystick Leafs

When replacing the obsolete Wico leaf switches with repro's, if any are still floating around out there, you need to cable tie them in place for secure operation. You can leave the excess, but it's always neater to snip the ends off. You can use the OEM used switches without the plastic insulator by cable tying, as well.... or even with the insulators if your mounts have loosened up over the years.

The switch in the upper part of the pic above is a fiber switch that we make here. They are a much better quality switch & should last a long time, but they need to be secured in place, also.

This is another of the various Wico joys & this one uses an "L" bracket to mount in place. These can mount with or without the insulators, too, and the fiber joy switches we make can be used as a replacement.

These are a handful of pieces that we recently aquired from a retiring local op that will be available until gone.