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Updated 7/4/2011

OK... OK! You're right! It's hard to cut & paste these items, so I'll assign item numbers to them to make it easier.

Offset Cam - Can Be Used As In Or Out Offset On Most Locks Including The 641 Cam Lock Sets
Item DS100

Happ Replacement Ultimate 8-way Joystick Floating Actuator
Item DS101

Happ Replacement Ultimate 4-way Joystick Floating Actuator
Item DS102

Happ Ultimate Joystick Replacement Pivot Cylinder For Metal CP -$1 Each - If You Use 2 As Pic'd For Wood CPs You'll Get 4 Times The Wear From Them By Rotating As Needed
Item DS103

Replacement 2" Guide Washer For Joysticks
Item DS104

Industrial 2MFD 250VAC Block Cap
Item DS105

Coin Switch Trip Wire Enclosure Guard
Item DS106

Pack of 10 7" Heavy Duty Cable Ties
Item DS107

Vertical Mount 2.5K Pot
Item DS108

Heavy Duty Aluminum AA Battery Holder
Item DS109

2 Gram Packet Heat Sink Compound
Item DS110

Bag Of 15 Tyton #6 16-14 Heavy Duty Spade Connectors
Item DS111

24 Position Break-away .156 Header
Item DS112

4 Happ Microswitch Replacement Nuts
Item DS113

Six Position 15 Amp Barrier Block
With Riveted Terminals
Item DS114

2 Two Position 15 Amp Barrier Blocks - Just Stumbled Onto Another Box Full Of These
Item DS115

Replacement Slide Switch With Bolts & Nuts For Panel Mounting. Midway Games & Others. Drill Out The Rivets On The One To Be Replaced & Bolt This One Up & You're In Business Again :-)
Item DS116

2 Two Inch 8 Ohm Tweeters
Item DS117

3 5/8"D 8 Ohm Speaker
Item DS118

10K Pot
Item DS119

Cup Type Speaker Termination - Push-in Color Coded Terminals
Item DS120

RCA Type 2 Position Speaker Terminal Board
Item DS121

10 Watt CV Speaker Transformer - 70.7V - .62W Thru 10 Watt - Wico PN 22-1002
Item DS122

4 Coin Mech Mounting Studs
New On Parts Page
Item DS123

Single Fuse Block - 3 Amp Fuse - Mounting Screw
Item DS124

Wire Wound Cement Resistor - 15 Watt .5 Ohm
Item DS125

2 TO220 Heat Sinks
Item DS126

14-16pin Dip Heat Sink - Got 1 Or 2 Heat Sinks Missing At 2A-2B-2C-2D On Your Pac-Man Board? Here's A Good Radiating Remedy.. Cool Clip On Type
Item DS127

12 Foot Coil Of Speaker Wire - Married White & White/Blue Pair
Item DS128

Typical Lamp Cord - Married Pair 18ga Wire 24" to 44" In Length - These Came With New Monitors & Power Supplies & Were Unused
Item DS129

Green LED With 12" leads And Plug
Item DS130

10 Machine Screws 10/32 x 3/8 With Internal Tooth Washers - Fit Most Computer Grade Capacitors Such As Big Blue
Item DS131

4 Quad Terminal Strips For Your Wiring Projects
Item DS132

Bag Of 5 Line Splicers - Tap Into Existing Lines For Power The Neat Way
Item DS133

Bag Of 10 Ring Terminals - 18-14 With 1/8" Hole - Insulated
Item DS134

45K Volume Pot - A Good Replacement For Midway MK Series, NBA & Others In That Era
New 50K on Parts Page
Item DS135

2 IC Sockets - Please Count # Of Legs... Rather Than For MB2845 Chip - 8-14-16-18-20-22-24-28-40-64
Item DS136

10 Replacement Snap-On Connectors For 9 volt Batteries
Item DS137

Do You Ship Monitors Or Pic Tubes? These Are Pin Protectors For The Tube After You Remove The Neck Bd - Per Pair
Item DS138

5mm x 20mm Minature Fuse Holder
Item DS139

Two D44 Cherry Switches - .250 Terminals
Item DS140

1K Pot - Works Nicely On Atari A/R II Boards
Item DS141

TO220 Heatsink W Bolt & Nut - Xsistor Not Included
Item DS142

Cherry Switch - .187 Terminals
Control Panel Joystick & Button Switch
Item DS143

10 6-32 x 2" Philips Head Machine Screws
Item DS144

Used Taito "D" Small PCBs 3"x3"
2x C1061, 555, 7400, C1815
Item DS145

Microswitch Rated 21A @ 250VAC W .25 Tabs
Item DS146

Automotive Type Fuse Holder With 3A Fuse & Cover
Item DS147

10 Yellow 12-10 Butt Connectors
Item DS148

Panasonic 3 Volt Battery BR2330 Solder-In Type
Item DS149

Used Spring Steel Interlock Switch Holder
Item DS150

20 Partial Insulated 22-18 .250 QDs
Item DS151

Coin Cell Battery Holder For CR2325 Batteries
Item DS152

8 Blue 18-14 Fully Insulated .250 QDs
Item DS153

Coin Door Lock Cam With Top & Bottom Dead Latches - Must Have Door With Guides Top & Bottom
Item DS154

Used Interlock Switch
Item DS155

2 Heavy Duty Leaf Button Springs
Item DS156

1 1/8" Square Stick On Heat Sink - Great For Cooling A Bridge Rectifier
Item DS157

2" Cam - Fits Most Locks Including The 641 Lock Sets
Item DS158

2 3/4" Cam - Fits Most Locks Including The 641 Lock Sets
Item DS159

1 1/8" Cam - Fits Most Locks Including The 641 Lock Sets
Item DS160

Cam Lock Anchor Plate
Item DS161

Test Switch
Item DS162

20 Spring Nuts For Screw Mounting
Item DS163

20 Heavy Duty #10 5/8" Hex Head Screws - Used Inside Cabs To Secure Walls
Item DS164

Box Of 10 #55 Lamps
Item DS165

Bag of Ten .156 Trifurcon Pins
Item DS166

20 Black Phillips Washerhead 1" Wood Screws
Item DS167

Packet Of 60/40 Solder
Item DS168

Trimmer Pot - Choice 100 Ohms Or 2K Ohms - Same Footprint As K7000 Remote Board
Item DS169

Horizontal Pot - Choice 1K Or 5K Ohm - Same Footprint As K7000 Remote Board
Item DS170

C106M Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
Item DS171

Bag of Ten .100 Molex Pins
Item DS172

Bag of Ten .156 Molex Pins
Item DS173

Bag of Ten .062 Molex Pins
Item DS174

Bag of Ten .062 Molex Sockets
Item DS175

Bag of Ten .084 Amp Pins
Item DS176

Bag of Ten .084 Amp Sockets
Item DS177

Bag of Ten .093 Molex Pins
Item DS178

Bag of Ten .093 Molex Sockets
Item DS179

Bag of Four Molex Jamma Split Pins
Item DS180

Bag of Eight .187 Fully Insulated .187 Quick Disconnects
Item DS181

100 Cable Ties Choice of Blu/Yel/Blk - Low Grade Import - Not Professional Grade
Item DS182

Bag Of Eight PS Narrow Spade Connectors
Item DS183

22 Pin Machine Socket For 5101 Ram
Item DS184

Wico 8-way Microswitch Joystick Actuator
Item DS185

Most of these items are in limited supply and not something that I will restock. When they're gone, they're gone :-(

Happy Gaming......

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