Bally/Stern Solenoid Board
Replacing The 190VDC Regulator Filter

Bally/Stern Solenoid Board

by Bob Roberts

Just another quick example of replacing one of the old obsolete high value axial capacitors using C26 on the Bally solenoid board. Original axial was 160uf350v & a 150uf to 200uf modern snap in cap at a voltage rating of at least 350VDC will work just fine.

Just add wires & you have your leads... red for positive (+) & black for negative (-). Depending on how you choose to mount yours you can use proper lengths of wire & not the exaggerated ones I have for demonstration purposes above.

One way you can mount the cap is on end using a hot glue gun with the leads pointing away from the board. While your glue gun is out you can even put a daub on the plus terminal to eliminate a potential shock situation while poking around in backbox.

Another way to mount it is to just use Pac-Man bd sized cable ties & mount it right back on the board where the original was... again... with proper length wires for a neat job & not exaggerated excesses of wire bulging out.

Happy Gaming...