Drop-in AC Power Center

Drop-in AC Power Center

Update 2014: We still make this drop-in center, however, they do not come with isolation transformers since they have been discontinued, so if you're using a monitor that requires isolation you'll need to add one. The price is the same since the grandson that was doing them for fun is now in his 4th year of college up in Baton Rouge & we only see him on holidays:-( It cost us $50 to have our harness maker assemble them to almost drop-in... you'd have to use a good used iso or get one from Happ Controls while their hoard of new ones lasts.

Here's something that many of you have requested over the years. I don't have the time to do them... it's taken me a month of stolen minutes to just layout all the plans for it, but now it's setup to be made on demand. One of our grandsons wanted something to do for a little spending money & is at that age where he has his eye on a new automobile, so he's been in training, learning all aspects of producing these drop-in AC power centers.

The center consists of all the AC wiring & components for your cab including an isolation transformer, so that any monitor can be used without any big surprises that a few of you have had when trying to put an older monitor into a newer cab that never had an isolation transformer. It comes complete with the on/off switch & mountimg plate, line cord, filter, fuse, distribution block & switching power supply. I designed it with two things in mind... making it so that you can easily remove the unit without having to remove your entire wiring harness, and maintaining a size that would fit into a USPS flat rate box for shipping, affording a practical way to get the weighty center shipped.

It also comes with an accessory pack that contains the mounting screws, cable clamps & screws to neaten up your wire runs, a few cable ties & mating connectors to the monitor plug & the marquee flourescent in case yours are different.

The cost of the materials on this unit come to $80 & my grandson says he'll cut them out & assemble them for $10... this may change in a hurry as I wasn't able to convince him that it wasn't enough for the amount of time it'll take him... bringing the total cost to $90 & with flat rate shipping of $10 it'll top out at a $100 investment for a complete AC power center.

March 2013

Well... it held for a little over 6 years, but with everything up to & including postage going north we are forced to raise this closer to a break-even price. The AC center is now priced at $120 & with $12 flat rate shipping it is pushed to a total of $132 to your door in the USA.

July 2009:

This hot & wild summer with days all in a row over 100 degrees had my grandson begging for air conditioning in the carpentry shop, but he agreed to several more new fans to keep prices on his projects at the current level.

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