55,000uf 25v Capacitor

Midway "Suitcase" Power Supply
Filter Capacitor

Here's another item so requested that I decided that I'd go ahead & have them made. It's been a long lead time, but there are now 9 cases of them taking up residence in Alice's hallway while waiting for new homes. A lot of the Midway games had these filters in the big silver box located in the cab bottom & most often referred to as the "suitcase" power supply.... weighs a lot more than any suitcase I've ever packed, though :-() They can be used to replace the Taito power supply filter (51,000uf 25v), Gottlieb filters (50,000uf 25v) and were also used in other games, with values from 49,000uf to 60,000uf 25v for filtering the DC power.