The Lost TRON Arcade Documents
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tron image
Artwork from the production TRON poster.

I'm not sure if arcade game collectors REALLY KNOW how to piss people off, or if this guy got fed up too quickly. In any case, I had posted a response to the Slashdot Story about Midway quitting the arcade business. I said it would be a shame if a lot of historical documents were lost. Surprisingly, I received an anonymous reply.

It seems that someone had rescued some documents about the making of TRON, scanned them in, but felt chastised by the collecting community because he didn't scan in PDF, and he placed them in an eGroups discussion area.

Can we try to be a little friendlier to people who give us gifts?

Well, after some searching, I tracked them down. And they are here, ready for you to download. But please remember to pass along the story, okay? After all, this is a hobby, and sometimes people ARE doing us a favor, even if it isn't handed to us on a silver plate.

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Introduction by xBallyGuy
Design Document #1
Design Document #2
Design Document #3
Design Document #4
Design Document #5
Design Document #6
Design Document #7
Design Document #8
Meeting with Disney
Memo from Disney
Memo Page 1 from Nutting
Memo Page 2 from Nutting

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