The Game Assassin

Sometime in the late 20th century, a warrior was born unlike any other. He was trained by the Rativarg monks of Tobori in the highlands of Rotarebil. His purpose for living was to put old arcade cabinets out of their misery. He strikes in the dead of night, sneaking in unnoticed and assassinating the targeted cabinet. On Monday, February 5, 2001, the Game Assassin was captured on film. His identity is still unknown, but presented here are the actual images recorded as he methodically assassinates a Frogger cabinet that had been converted to an Arkanoid, and then seriously water damaged. Click on the thumbnail to see the full sized picture!

                          1small.jpg (18801 bytes)                                       2small.jpg (24128 bytes)                         

    The Assassin selects a target!                                             A swift punch to the control panel!

3small.jpg (22381 bytes)                                         4small.jpg (23383 bytes)

And a swift kick to the coin door!                                         Bringing out the big guns...

5small.jpg (24410 bytes)                                         6small.jpg (22131 bytes)

Looking possessed...                                                            Smack!

7small.jpg (18859 bytes)                                             8small.jpg (25048 bytes)

Trophies of the fallen.                                                               The disembowled frog!

9small.jpg (26191 bytes)                                            10small.jpg (26272 bytes)

Ripping its head off!                                                                 *singing* Everything falls....apart

11small.jpg (24748 bytes)                                              12small.jpg (25225 bytes)

Fight the power!                                                                       The last remnants of Frogger...

13small.jpg (15727 bytes)

And then there was nothing...


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