What is it?

MultiPac is an add-on kit for a Pacman (or Ms. Pacman) arcade game. MultiPac provides 24 different games and variations that can all be played by simply selecting them from an on-screen menu. A MultiPac Marquee is also available to complete the kit.

How Much?

The price is $149 plus $7 shipping in the US for the MultiPac. MultiPac Marquees are also available for $35 plus $7 shipping. Please contact me for pricing on more than 4 kits or for shipping outside of the continental US.

MultiPac kits orders received prior to October 12th have been shipped! To estimate when your order will ship, figure when you mailed your payment and add about 14 days (plus up to 4 weeks for personal checks). There is currently no backorder and kits are ready to ship.

If you want to order a kit and/or marquee, click on the Order Form, print it out, fill it in, and send it in with your payment.

Orders are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. For dealer/reseller pricing (more than 4 kits per order) please contact me by e-mail.

IInstallation Requirements:

The MultiPac is a complete kit that requires no soldering or modifications to your Pacman or Ms. Pacman board. Other than getting inside your machine the only tool required is a small, flat-blade screwdriver to remove socketed chips from your MsPac/Pacman board. The MultiPac plugs into the sockets already on your game board.

MultiPac has not yet been tested with pirate MsPac/Pacman boardsets. I believe it will work, but if you have a pirate boardset please refrain from purchasing a MultiPac until I've had a chance to test it!

A full MultiPac installation/operation manual (complete with pictures) is included with each MultiPac kit.

What do I get?

You get the following games and features!

MultiPac Games


Pacman Fast

Ms. Pacman

Ms. Pac Fast

Pacman Plus

Pacman Plus Fast

Ms. Pac Plus

Ms. Pac Plus Fast

Ms. Pac Attack

Ms. Pac RIP

Ms. Indy Pac

Ms. YakPac



Pacman Mod

Pac After Dark







Crush Roller

Lizard Wizard

Menu (not a game)


= Pacman like game


= non-pacman game


This is the MultiPac Menu system. The Menu is always available by pressing a menu button you can add where-ever you want on your machine. The menu also appears if you push the reset button or turn the power on and off on the cabinet.

The Menu actually has animation and flashing colors for the current game selected and some other stuff which doesn't show up particularly well on the screen above.

MultiPac features:

  • Plugs directly into the Z-80 CPU socket. No ribbon cables.
  • Software-selectable menu system.
  • 24 games and variations.
  • Support for non-pacman type games (Lizard Wizard, Crush Roller, Eyes)
  • Expansion port for non-volatile memory or other uses.
  • Full custom color support for all games.
  • Pacman Plus (a MultiPac exclusive!)
  • A simple monitor screen saver (in case the menu system is left on).
This is the main daughtercard. You can also see the entire kit, the kit partially installed, the kit fully installed. (The Rev. code is the revision of the EXE/GFX ROMs, the PROMs, and the controller chip.

email: clayc@diamondmm.com for any questions or ordering information.

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Updated: 11/3/98