Chip Checksums

Checksums are hexidecimal summations of the binary content of a programmed memory device such as a ROM. They are useful for a quickie check to see if the chips you have are possibly bad or different. I say possibly bad because there are a few exceptions.... I've made a recent discovery that I cannot explain but it may help some of you struggling with potentially bad EPROMs.  For some reason with older eproms I can get a valid read if I power the board/EPROM with a lower voltage, much lower like 3.75VDC.

There are several formats of storing/tracking the data contained in chips including Intel Hex, Binary, Motorola S, JEDEC. Binary code is the format I prefer and seems to be the most common among all device programers.

The following pages are a collection of checksums that I've collected. If you find any errors or discrepancies please contact me.

Note that you cannot click on the e-mail address you must type it in (Spam is horrible now), please also include "PAC-MAN" in your subject line to help me sort the garbage out.

Video Game Chip Checksums

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Last updated July 3, 1998