Imaging Your Killer Instinct Hard Drive - Now to ANY IDE Drive!

This web site is a quick 'how-to' for copying the hard drive that shipped with Killer Instinct.
Using the the boot disk on this page will allow you to create images that will run 100% in your
Killer Instinct machine and pass ALL built in KI diagnostics as well.

If you feel that this is beyond your capabilities or you don't have the hardware necessary to perform the copy, I will image (and test) 1 hard drive for $20 and up to 3 hard drives for $30 (includes return shipping via USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail). You MUST supply at least one original Killer Instinct hard drive (dead or alive) so that I am performing a 'service' and not selling you Midway/Nintendo/Rare's game image. Under NO circumstances will I copy or distribute this image if I do not have in my possession an original Killer Instinct hard drive. This is done to prove ownership - no exceptions. I understand that you may be hesitant to ship your working drive, but please know I will not even power it on - I will use an image from one of my personal drives. My turnaround on this service is generally one day, so you will have your hardware back quickly.

Please read the Killer Instinct boot ROM disclaimer

What you will need:

Here we go:
  1. To use ANY IDE drive, first program your boot ROM with the supplied binary file. I highly suggest buying a new EEPROM so you have a 'backup' but you can erase your existing one and burn over it as well. For those of you without access to an EEPROM programmer, I will burn and ship a new ROM for $15.
    (Click here for an image of where the boot ROM is located on a Killer Instinct PCB.)
  2. Download the specially created KI-BSD boot disk and image your floppy. It is a self-extracting .EXE file and is "dummy proof" - just have a spare floppy handy.
  3. Connect the original KI hard drive (source) to the primary IDE channel (IDE #1) on your motherboard as 'master'.
  4. Connect the spare ST9150AG or alternate laptop IDE drive to the secondary IDE (IDE #2) channel as 'master'.
  5. **NOTE** If your current hard drive(s) has/have been set up without auto-detection in your BIOS, you will need to make note of ALL the settings (and return them to the original ones after the copy) or your system will not boot.
  6. Allow the BIOS to auto-detect the hard drives. (On most modern PCs, you will not have enter the BIOS to do this (you'll see the drives detected at POST) but if not, enter the BIOS and have it auto-detect the drives.)
  7. If applicable - save the settings and exit the BIOS.
  8. When the system reboots, make sure you have your boot disk in the drive and follow the on-screen instructions - it's that easy!
  9. The drive imaging process is "sector by sector" so it can take a while (generally around 20 minutes) so please be patient. The boot disk will notify you with an on-screen message when it has completed.
  10. Press CTRL-ALT-DEL at the end of the process otherwise the filesystem on your floppy will need to be repaired (or re-imaged).
Install your newly imaged drive into your Killer Instinct machine and enjoy!
(If using a desktop IDE drive, please continue on to the next section.)

Installing a desktop IDE drive in your Killer Instinct (before you begin):

What you will need:

Here we go:

  1. Clip one end (all 4 wires) off near the 'male' end connector on your PC power extension cable.
  2. Crimp (3) "open ended" wire connectors onto wires (twist black wires together) as shown in this example. (Yellow = +12V, Red = +5V, Black = Ground)
  3. Your finished product should look something like this.
  4. Connect your new cable to your Killer Instinct power supply as shown here.
  5. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WORK in the above step - make sure you have the wires connected properly!
  6. Attach your IDE cable to your laptop to desktop IDE adapter shown here. (NOTE: Make sure red stripe on cable corresponds to pin 1 on the adapter!)
  7. Attach your laptop to desktop IDE adapter to your Killer Instinct PCB as shown here. (See why I "prefer" this style of adapter? It looks nice installed!)
  8. ** NEVER ** connect power wires to this adapter when installed on your PCB. Desolder or clip the wires if you will not use it again for any other purpose!
  9. Connect PC power cable and IDE cable to hard drive. Your completed project should look something like this. (NOTE: Pin 1 (red stripe) on IDE cable is always closest to the 4 pin power connector)
  10. Install optional IDE desktop drive cooling fan and place up front on wooden coin box - as shown here.
  11. If you installed a hard drive cooling fan, disconnect and THROW AWAY that obnoxiously loud fan installed in your cabinet and enjoy!

FAQs and General Information:

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