Jed Margolin's Useful Satellite Links

Geo-Orbit - This is an excellent primer on TVRO/BUD/C-Band.
   (I wish I knew who wrote it.)

Smallear  (
    Sells the Smallear ST-6600 DVB Satellite Receiver  (Where I bought mine.)

Global Communications (
    Sells a variety of satellite equipment. (Where I bought my new C/Ku Feedhorn,
    splitters, and DiSEqC switch.)

   Makes satellite feedhorns

DiSEqC Index page  (
   A good source of information about DiSEqC.

   DiSEqC is the Digital Satellite Equipment Control Bus, which is a
   communication bus between satellite receivers and satellite peripheral
   equipment, using only the existing coaxial cable.

LyngSat - Lyngemark Satellite Chart  (
    Satellite Chart includes NTSC and DVB

Delphi MPEG2/DVB Forum
   You may enter as a guest.

Pico-Macom  (
   Makes Satellite RF Splitters and Switches.

Astrotel Equipment
    Makes LNBs