Revision History


Added a page on converting 5200 carts to accept EPROM.


Got the TurboGrafx-16 controller pinout together. As long as I was at it, I added a small section on the TurboTap.


Fixed the keypad section of the ColecoVision controller page. For some reason, I had pasted the table from the Jaguar controller page. Duhhh.


Started patching all the holes and filling in the gaps, and I went nuts. Tables are not meant for making things lay out the way you want! Trying to remember and figure out how I had done this shit was killing me. Chucked all the tables out (except the ones that hold actual tabular data) and recreated it all without them.


Very slowly getting the schematics together.

New stuff


I just finished giving the lab a head-to-toe cleaning. Cleaned up lots of stuff, cut out rotten parts, patched up some huge gaps, created lots of other stuff, shitcanned most of the crappy ASCII schematics for proper graphic ones.

New or significantly changed stuff

Things to do

Pages to create/finish

Things I'll get around to adding someday

Jay Tilton